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    We Have A Foal

    Thank you! Some dry pics. LokI (our Great Pyrenees cross) has given his official seal of approval with a kiss on the muzzle.
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    We Have A Foal

    Thank you so much!
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    We Have A Foal

    I would like to share some exciting news with you all. I would like to congratulate our AQHA mare Doc on a job well done. The only foal this year and the last one for Sunset Marchadors (us) was born just over an hour ago (just after midnight my time) and it is a colt! I just missed the birth...
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    Horses Playing In The Storm

    Thanks. I've had horses for 25 or so years, I still don't get tired of watching them play.
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    Tiger Barb & Green Tiger Barb Behavior

    Thanks. Someone else I know mentioned to me that he believes it was just two males sparring to decide the pecking order. They have been perfectly fine all together today. Neither of them were hurt last night at all. Just some lip locking.
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    Tiger Barb & Green Tiger Barb Behavior

    I have only had these Tiger Barbs & Green Tiger Barbs (a school of 5) for a couple weeks. I have not seen them do this before. I caught this behavior last night and I'm not sure if they are fighting, playing, arguing, or what. They did this for about 1/2 an hour last night and have not done it...
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    Horses Playing In The Storm

    We had a bad storm blow in last Thursday night. It was just starting and two of the horses decided to play over the fence. If it was me, I would have been high tailing it to the shelter to hide out from the storm. Not my goof balls though.
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    Does Anyone NOT Eat Fish Because Of Your Hobby?

    I enjoy fishing but I don't eat fish...or seafood of any sort. Just the smell of seafood and I start to yak. :-\ Every time I walk by the live lobster tanks in the grocery store the smell gets to me and I start to heave. So I avoid that area of the grocery store. ;D I don't eat any trout...
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    Do You Know

    That is adorable and so sweet.
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    My new family member

    Very nice looking bird.
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    Hello, new to the forum and fish care!

    Welcome to the forum
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    Great shot!
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    Hello from Iowa

    Welcome to the forum
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    *knock knock* Hello all!

    Welcome to the forum
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    Snail ID Please

    Thank you for the replies!
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