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    10 g - African shell dwellers (multies) or livebearers (guppies) and cories. 33 g- African Ps. SaulosI species tank or an assortment of tetra's (diamond, serpae, black/white skirts) and cories. Enjoy! Glenn
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    Fall Auction: Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

    Yes Carol, still Fishing! I have a 90 gallon with Rock to the top, TX holey rock that is. I have Ps saulosI (1 male 5F) 12 juvie acei, 6 juvie Rustie's, 6 juvie Ps. polits, 3 bristlenosed plecos and 3 E. syno's. My 29 is a breeder for the saulosI and I have two ten's collecting dust as I wait...
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    Fall Auction: Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

    If you can make it, you'll find great deals on a great variety of fish, from breeders both local and from all over the USA. Read the link to learn more. ;D Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 11:33 pm Post subject: FALL AUCTION FLYER!!! Word Doc Format: Glenn
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    Water is ok - do I still need to do water changes?

    Fresh water fish love fresh water! I have changed 25-40% every week since I started in the hobby 10 months ago. When you gravel vac, as I do, you'll see "stuff" being removed from your tanks gravel throughout the water change. Some hobbyists advocate 50% changes everyweek. Check your water...
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    Re: Multies, how many????

    For family tranquility I downsized to just one tank and the multi's went to a very good home and the fry to yet another. It breaks my heart to have had to do it, as they are amazing fish. I know that they will be part of my life again in the future. Glenn
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    Re: Multies, how many????

    How would these guys fair in a tank with Yellow Labs or other smaller Mbuna?
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    New 55g Pics + 33 Malawi!

    I love your cichlids!
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    My fish and tank

    Wow, Beautiful!
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    My 20 gal. aquarium

    Very nice set up!
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    Re: Multies, how many????

    They fry are growing well and venture out quite a bit.  I am thinking of moving the parents and fry to my 10 gallon and giving the others away.  I'll then move the Emerald Greens to the 29 with the common pleco (who's growing too!) and add some Mbuna if they'd be compatible.  They other tetra's...
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    Re: Multies, how many????

    I went on vacation for 9 days and my neighbor boy fed the fish 6 times while I was gone. All survived, including the 5 fry, which are much bigger too! The "Mom" is very dark in color and I read that may mean she has recently spawned again! I picked up 10 more "Tun" shells at a Flea Market in FL...
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    GCAS Auctions

    I missed it too, as I was on vacation. I will make the one in October! October 14, 2006 The location will be the same as the last one; The Oasis Conference Center in Loveland, OH. For more info:
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    Fishless Cycling with Bio-Spira?

    Bio Spira is a great product, and works well, if it was transported, stored and used properly. I added it and my multis at the same time. Next day readings were 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and <10 nitrates. Bio Spira has live microorganisms in it that WILL cycle your tank immediately, when used...
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    worst experience in your experience of fish keeping?

    When I first started into this hobby I added fish way too fast and killed 4 innocent, beautiful panda cory's. I felt sick! Patients is key to being successful in this hobby.
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    Best Color Gravel?

    I like basic colors. I have black gravel in my Tetra tank, with a small bag of orange gravel my 9 year old wanted and I wish wasn't there. I have "salt and pepper" cichlid sand in my multI tank that I love. And I have regular pea gravel in my 10 gallon, which looks good too.
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