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  1. White/translucent Fins

    Assumin it was just growth. They are already filling with red
  2. White/translucent Fins

    He’s too fast so I can’t get a picture of it, but ever so slightly on the tips of my bettas fins, they are a white/translucent colour. Hes in a 5 gallon, heated & filtered, partial water changes every 3 days because I dont have a water testing kit yet (Waiting for it to come in the mail) He’s...
  3. Is This Okay?

    Ive had my betta for about 1.5 months. I only had a 1 gallon but ordered a 5 & it just came in the mail! Does this look Okay? I’m going to get more gravel. I just moved him in here yesterday & he built a bubble nest. I don’t really know what that means or if there’s anything I should do about...
  4. Betta Poop

    So I’m sitting here beside my tank just hanging out with my betta, & he went into the corner & sat there for a minute. Since he was finally sitting still I decided to check him out, make sure he still looked healthy. Then I see this poo go flying up in the water & he goes chasing after it! He...
  5. What To Put In The Tank?

    If he were to put shrimp or snails, how many could he have? 1? 2? Also, Would he be able to have both shrimp, & snail together? Alot of information online is conflicting with one & another. Do you have any links you can recommend?
  6. What To Put In The Tank?

    My boyfriend has a 1 gallon tank with a filter. He really wants to put something in it but doesn’t know what. He’s thinking 2 or 3 guppies, or some kind of shrimp, or maybe snails? He wants something that is not just plants. He doesn’t mind buying other supplies either if they are needed. What...
  7. Water Changes

    Yes the fish is already in the tank. I wasn’t prepared for it, It was a gift to me
  8. Water Changes

    I don’t have a water test kit or a cycle yet. How much water do I need to change daily?
  9. Feeding

    The water temp is good & he still loves to swim around & be active & play. Just goes to the heater to rest & then sleeps in a funky position. Also I should say he doesn’t always only sleep with his tail up like that, he also rests by laying on his belly in a normal position.
  10. New Fish!

    The filter came with the tank & I’m not really sure how strong the filter flow is supposed to be. Strong enough to agitate the full surface area of the water, but just in small ripples that I would just barely call ripples but not sure what else to call it. Also the heater doesnt have settings...
  11. Feeding

    His swimming looks pretty normal to me. He loves to hide in his plants as well. He also likes to swim to the waterflow of the filter & have it push him along, then he swims back & does it again. Ive also noticed that he uses his face to kind of try to dig at the gravel sometimes. The small...
  12. Feeding

    When I bought my supplies for my betta, the tank came with these betta food pellet things. But the staff told me to buy these little sticks. They said that I am supposed to feed him 2 sticks every other day. Is this correct? I’m asking because I don’t feel comfortable with the staffs knowledge...
  13. Is This Normal?

    I just bought him yesterday, & he’s been pretty playful. But the past few hours he’s been under the heater resting or he goes like this with his head down against the gravel & his tail up? Is that normal? I don’t know what the nitrogen cycle is & I don’t have a water testing kit. But I can see...
  14. New Fish!

    Not sure what the nitrogen cycle is? I will look into it tho
  15. New Fish!

    Just got this little guy yesterday He’s so fun & playful, But loves to take rests underneath the heater instead of in his leaf hammock. I’m going to feed him over the hammock to hopefully get him used to using it. Right now I have him in a 1 gallon (I know its tiny & I do feel bad!) with a...

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