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    Any idea on what plant this is?

    It could quite possibly be a non-aquatic plant. If it is it will die, unfortunately.
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    Any idea on what plant this is?

    Almost looks like some weird ludwigia?
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    Salamander/Newt Identification

    I’m not sure. Newts take advantage of nicer weather and will come out to scavenge in the winter, so if you get a period of warmer weather you could probably release them without any issue. They generally live in forest ponds or lakes, and be sure there’s lots of leaves and logs around for them...
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    Salamander/Newt Identification

    Otter’s probably right, it doesn’t really look like a eastern newt with those particular spots. I know Fishtery has experience with newts, so they might have some good advice.
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    Salamander/Newt Identification

    A juvenile Eastern newt. Also known as red-spotted newts. They’ll become darker with a yellow belly as they age. It’s native, so you can release it in a forest near a pond or lake. If they took it from the wild, it should be released.
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    Will they fight during breeding

    Not a fish, but if you want to recommend messing around with genetics, I’d recommend isopods. They are easy to care for if done correctly and don’t take up much room. You can have one or multiple colonies. You can also have pure strains or mixed morph strains. The options are endless! They’re...
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    Is there a fish that looks very similar to kubotai rasbora ?

    Could you get a picture of it?
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    Is mold harmful to a crested gecko?

    Probably won’t harm them. For future reference, I usually let my vivs sit for a month or so to get fungal blooms and stuff over with before there’s a critter in there.
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    5G Tank with Zebra Danio's and Neons who are not happy

    You an absolutely make it a healthy fish habitat! Just not for that species. There are plenty of other options for a 5 gallon, but danios really, really need lots space to swim. That particular species will likely not be healthy in this tank because it’s too small for their needs.
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    Betta turning white-is this a disease?

    looks totally normal. Columnaris usually is a more consistent, pure white. If that was columnaris he would be dead, or seriously ill by now.
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    The New Poison dart frogs

    Pretty darlings! I’d love to keep them one day, but they’re a bit too high maintenance for me.
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    New Betta! Need Name Ideas!

    Damascus - a type of marbled metal. Carrara - a type of marble, most common in countertops. Nero Marquina - a type of marble typically displaying white lines on a black or grey base. Bardiglio - a type of blueish or grey marble. Statuario - a type of marble known for its gold or grey veins...
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    Loving my Wild type Neocaridinas!

    The patterns and colors on these guys are amazing! The green ones look like little sentient algae creatures.
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    Killing pest snails and eggs completely

    Alum. I am unsure of how to use it in an aquarium, but it’s used in ponds apparently. I dip all my plants in a 1tbsp:1gal mix for 5 hours before I add them. Kills eggs and adults. Fair warning: I’ve only ever heard of this used outside of aquariums, I have no idea of it would be ok long term for...
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    Pregnant tetra?

    Welcome! It would be better in the future to start your own thread, as this is OP’s thread and we don’t want t direct away from their problem. That looks like poo to me though, maybe try feeding some daphnia to help them out.
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