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    Stocking 1.5 Gallon Bowl

    I'd say a single guppy or endler would be able to do just fine in that. Shrimp are probably your best option, though.
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    Can Anyone Tell Me What These Are??

    They look like some kind of parasite or just dust. Do they appear to be alive and swimming?
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    Aqua Ponics ? Goldfish ?

    You won't need a filter because your garden bed will hold all the biologic media you'll need along with the plants absorbing the phosphates and nitrates will be all the filtration you should need.
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    125 Saltwater To Freshwater?

    The filter will be fine, although the bacteria will die in freshwater so you will need to recycle it. If it's a a sump with a protein skimmer, you won't be able to use the protein skimmer in freshwater since bubbles aren't as fine in fresh water. Filter socks, bio balls, and reactors can all be...
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    Ammonia Problem!

    You might benefit from getting a carbon block filter for your tap. Consider a brita or a pur filter which should remove almost all of the bad stuff out of your water
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    Considering Getting A Blue Acara Cichlid. Need Help!

    The female bettas will probably be fine while the acara stays small. Problem being that the acara gets up to 8" and they bully fish smaller than them. They are nice as far as cichlid standards go, but they are still aggressive fish. It will definitely be way more aggressive to your guppies than...
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    Why Do People Buy Fish They Know They Can’t Keep?

    I personally don't have a problem with it inherently. The problem is that 99% of people who get a giant fish don't have any friends with giant fish tanks or they try to sell it on Craigslist when nobody would even take it for free. I have a fairly decent circle of fish friends who keep all sorts...
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    140w Dimmable Wattshine Chinese Led

    I'm looking to upgrade my reef lights on a budget. I know a lot of people have had great luck with Chinese black box LEDs, I was just wondering if anyone has used this specific one. I currently have the USA Current Orbit Marine. I love the light, but it's barely enough to grow softies in my...
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    Discus Advice?

    I don't have panda cories, but I have emerald green, sterbai, and albinos, and almost all of them have lived in my tanks for at least 5 years at 78-80. My rams are physically less active and colorful lower than that, my cories don't seem to mind. I'm aware higher temps increase metabolisms so...
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    Determining Fry Type Of Angelfish

    I'm not quite sure exactly what would happen, I guess you'll have to wait to be 100% sure. I am pretty sure that both zebra and the marble (koi) are dominant traits. I don't believe they can be co-dominant, so my best guess would be that you get about half zebra and half koi. The zebra and koI...
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    Need Some Color In My Tank! Fish Suggestions?

    neon dwarf gourami, blue rams, maybe even a couple dicus if you're ready to take care of those.
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    Discus Advice?

    Rams and discus like it hot, like 84-88 degrees hot. I would shoot for around 82 degrees and everything should be fine. 55 is pushing it for 4 fully grown adult discus, but up until about 80% size, they'll be fine. If you don't power feed they won't get crazy big, only pretty darn big, and...
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    First Time Cory Eggs

    I would raise them up with a sponge filter or at least a sponge or pantyhose over the filter intake so nobody gets sucked up. The eggs and fry won't bother any of your community fish, if anything the other fish will snack on them. Eventually the other fish will eat the eggs and 99% of the time...
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    I Have Free Swimming Angel Fry

    You can buy brine shrimp eggs online, which I highly recommend. You can also try microworms for their first meals. Pretty much any small live food will increase fry survival rate. You can absolutely use dry foods and a lot of people do it, but you can expect very low survival rates, 10% being...
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    Media Reactor

    I don't recommend media reactors for freshwater tanks unless you have a sump already or no other way to run the media you want to run. I've never heard good things about denitrate or matrix, they seem to be more gimmicky than actually truly effective. Purigen is a magical media, however. It does...
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