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  1. Question Add Fish When Cycling?

    I do fish in cycles, as long as the ammonia and nitrates are kept down enough the fish will be fine if they are a hearty breed
  2. So Confused... (ammonia)

    How many water changes have you done and how much each time did you take out?
  3. 26 Gallon Stocking Help

    I was thinking bronze Cory’s. I recently saw a tank that incorporated mollies and bettas and they’re two of my favourite fish so now I’m inspired but I don’t think 26 gallons is enough
  4. 26 Gallon Stocking Help

    I’m not sure what stocking to go with. It’s a cube tank, I will have a 1000 lph canister running on it with drift wood and plenty of live plants. Im thinking these two but not sure if it’s too much: 5 female betta 3 mystery snail 6 corydoras 6 ember tetra Or 5 female betta 4 mollies (not...
  5. I Made A Huge Mistake And Now Nothing Is Helping

    That's my usual method but the heater is like 5 sizes too small for my tank, it gets my tank to about 26 degrees celcius on full power. I'll have a look around for it. The seller who gave me the plecos replaced the betta I lost and gave me some tablets for medication, it's something Sulfa I'll...
  6. Should I Sell Them?

    Maybe it just wasnt for you, you can get a new species now perhaps?
  7. I Made A Huge Mistake And Now Nothing Is Helping

    So for my betta sorority I was getting all my fish from the same seller and they were quarantined before they got to me, so I wasn't quarantining my girls when I got them. Now I made a rookie mistake and I should've quarantined new fish that I got from a different seller but I didn't even think...
  8. Should I Sell Them?

    It really depends on your situation imo. If you have a set up that can acompany a species that can be kept on its own and you're willing to keep trying then I wouldn't. Sorry its a late reply, you've already had a buyer come by but I thought I'd still give you my input
  9. Pregnant Guppy

    Pregnant but not far along. I guess she'll drop in 3-4 weeks
  10. Molly Harrassment?

    The most common issue with agression is space, upgrade to a bigger tank or move the fish
  11. Glofish Danio Baby?

    Keep seperating fry into the smaller tank, once they've absorbed the yolk sack they can eat brine shrimp, micro worms, vinegar worms etc. Generally I separate fry until they're big enough not to be eaten.
  12. Where Are You From?

    Originally from Dubbo WA, now in Adelaide SA but hoping to move to QLD at some point
  13. Tiny Little Creature(s) In My Aquarium

    Pretty harmless creatures, they eat bacteria and algae and all the good stuff to keep your tank cleaner by my knowledge
  14. Tank Filter And Heater??

    (double post sorry)
  15. Tank Filter And Heater??

    The size isn't ideal. 3 gallons is minimum for males IMO. Here is a care guide I wrote on bettas that will help you out: Betta Splendens

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