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    My Phone Isn’t What It Used To Be...

    Haven’t had a human Scammer in awhile the last one was a Charity scam. but I get robo calls quite often. One in Chinese (Which I got someone to translate and it ended up up being a Tax scam) the other in a Robotic Asian Voice saying your HSBC bank account has been hacked.
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    10 Gallon Stocking Ideas?

    10 gallons make great shrimp tanks or you can go for a small school of 6 Neons or Cardinals, Cherry barbs, Harliquin Rasboras long as the fish fully gown is under 2”
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    New User With Some Fishy Issues

    What’s the size of you tank? Bala sharks and Rainbow sharks from what I heard are pain to care for plus the Balas are schooling fish as well and need a Very big tank usually 55 gallons or more since they can get over half a foot fully grown. And I would get a actual test kit like API Freshwater...
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    Stocking Ideas For A 2.5 Gallon?

    Betta or Shrimps but mind you with a Betta 25% water changes are a must every few days.
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    Share Your Story On How You Started Out

    I been in the hobby for 3 years and I started out with 5 cherry barbs and 5 neons in a 10 gallon (Beginners mistake) ended unknowingly killling the neons after a few months from a mouth fungus outbreak caused by bad water quality bought them at PetSmart went back bought a 20 gallon and moved the...
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    Is 78 Degrees Safe For A Comet?

    I wouldn’t keep comets in a tank since they are a schooling fish and get 8-10 inches fullly grown. And I would not recommend mixing cold water fish with warm water species. That’s just me though
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    Funny Budgeting In Schools

    We always had forks but we were charged 10 cents if we didn’t buy anything from the cafeteria.
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    Do You Turn Off Your Filter/heater During Water Changes?

    Just to be on the safe side I turn off my Heater and Filter espically during 50% or more water changes. Everything is on a power strip so I just unplug it and replug it in after I’m done
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    Ever Had Coworkers Fabricate Lies?

    I work at a warehouse for Loblaws (The largest Canadian Grocery chain). We are unionized and there is so much drama at work it feels like high school all over again. Not to mention The supervisors just chill in the back office for most the day. so when we need them we can never find them...
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    Why U Have A Fishtank?

    I had an aquarium growing up and both my sisters had Betta fish (been trying to encourage them to get a sponge filter and a bigger tank 1 gallon is to small). I raised one of my own and gave it to my sisters to care for after there’s died, and decided to expand into a full sized aquarium bought...
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    How Many Fish?

    That Depends on What kind of Tetra you want. If your thinking Neons and Cardinals you can have 12 of them. Bleeding Heart and Rummy nose Tatras you can have 6 maybe 7
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    Heater Sticker Causing Stress?

    I was always raised on the thought that Bettas didn't need a filter just Rapid water changes to prevent the ammonia from getting too high. My mom for someone who has Raised Discus and Anglefish and worked at a Salmon Hatchery should of known this. Mind you this was before I Rented the Lanehouse...
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    Newbie With A 29g

    Tiger Barbs will. Cherry barbs are one of more peaceful fish of that species. The Anglefish and the Pleco will take up most your stocking Capacity alone (The Angle fish will get up to 7 inches long don't be fooled if you got him small) This is tough one because you will have to choose the...
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    Heater Sticker Causing Stress?

    All my Bettas lived about 2-3 years without one. I just kept doing 25% water changes every week. Kept everything in balance. If it is really a must then a Sponge filter
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    Newbie With A 29g

    Welcome to the World of Aquariums! Not too long ago I was in the same boat as you. I have made mistakes and learned along the way. The filter is a little too strong from your tank maybe a aquaclear 50 would do. Neon or Cardinal Tetras would be a nice Colorful addition to the tank. or Cherry...
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