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    Question What Is This Little Guy?

    Agreed - better than a ramshorn but so curious as to what it is! I have it segregated right now, and it's SO tiny, I can't tell if it has a door or not, I'll grab my 5 year old's magnifying glass and get back to you!
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    Question What Is This Little Guy?

    Found this guy in my filter. I have to nerite snails but they sont look like this guy. Been over a month since I added some bamboo, figured my BATs, rubber lip or Cory's would have eaten any eggs I didn't wipe off before planting.
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    Something Horrid...kulhi Stuck To Filter

    I had a my kids betta killed by that filter - same thing happened, he liked to swim behind the filter near the intake and eventually got sucked up into there. I stick to HOBs with an intake tube and cover it with a foam cover now. My Cory's love to eat off them!
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    About To Put An Axe Through This Piece Of Garbage.

    Go HOB for filtration, much easier....why CO2 as other asked? KISS....Keep It Simple Stupid! Good water changes and the right filtration is the way to go....also Amazon for parts if your LFS is giving you trouble. Nerites are Awesome algae eaters BTW!
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    10 Gallon Tank Most Invincible Fish For A 10

    Definitely not Giant Danios!!! The zebra dDanio just need a little current from the filter and some friends to be happy.
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    10 Gallon Tank Most Invincible Fish For A 10

    If you have a good sxhedusc for water changes, Danios would be great. They are the hardiest fish IMO. Glo-danios in a 10g would be fine, at least 4 but I wouldn't push too much past that. We've had the same 4 Danios when I started with a 5g before moving them to a 28 bow with a 5th friend...
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    Need Help - 2 Fish And 3 Snails Dead

    It's been 3 weeks since the Thanos Snap wiped out half my tank - my Buenos Aires Tetras, Danios, and Corys are still thriving, eating and playing - they seem to have moved on. Do you think it's safe to restock? I am still scared to add anything - I am thinking about getting another zebra...
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    Fishless Cycle. Nitrites.

    I never heard of adding Ammonia to cycle - dropping some food to decompose is all I have ever needed to do. If you are trying to cycle with fish - lots of water changes. I have only had to do this when my neighbors kid dropped a quarter bottle of flake food and started a mini-cycle.
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    Need Help - 2 Fish And 3 Snails Dead

    Update: my danios, BATs and Cory's are all still fine...but I'm afraid to get new fish yet.
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    Need Help - 2 Fish And 3 Snails Dead

    I change my bonded filter media monthly. The biowheel and ceramic media doesn't get touched. I had water tested at LFS, came back perfect, which sadly does not help!
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    Need Help - 2 Fish And 3 Snails Dead

    No, the gourami went to the bottom under a plant for the most part. I have black sand, water turned brown when I re planted the wendetti. I had water testes at fish store to confirm, my water is "perfect" with no ammonia, nitrites and 20 nitrates.
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    Need Help - 2 Fish And 3 Snails Dead

    This is first time I have become discouraged in my tank in the year+ that I have had it - my Gourami, snails and rubber lip died in the past week . After a water change earlier this month - 5/7/2018, I had to replant the wendetii that came up. Later my water became brown, so I did another...
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    Awful Algae Growing On Aquarium Plants

    So I fought this for almost a year - same thing - brown algae on my plants. Everyone told me liquid fert, tabs, random lighting cycles, blah blah blah. Turns out my tap water had a high diatoms (silicone content I tried for months...
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    Question How Do Plants In An Aquarium Interact With The Water Cycle?

    Plants will improve the quality of water overall - they consume Carbon Dioxide, put out Oxygen, consume nitrates and waste (think farming - poop is fertilizer - underwater plants are plants too!). They do need to be cared for - if they seem to be struggling they might need more or a better...
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    I Need Help With A Zebra Nerite!!

    You wont get a Buenos Aires Tetra, Black Skirt Tetra, and Neon Tetra to school, or a giant danio and zebra danio. It's adds variety to just having all zebra or albinos. The leopard danios are the coolest IMO though.

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