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    Oranda Goldfish On Bottom Of Tank

    There is really not enough information for an adequate response from me. However, I have had gold fish and even small ones are massive waste producers. I am just guessing here but perhaps not enough filtration or water changes. I always changed my goldies with about 50% once weekly in their 20...
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    Terrible Stroke Of Bad Luck

    The fun of fish keeping can end sorrow with a big die off. If it were me, I might get off the high end/high maintenance like Discus and move to understocked tanks for a bit. If you still feel uncomfortable then it might be time to sell off. Or at the very least move to one, easy keep species and...
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    5 Gallon Tank Crimsons New Tank! [emoji4]

    I keep a heater in my 6.5 gallon betta tank. I probably would not need it if my office was consistent in temp. I keep my betta at 78, so you are a little low. I believe the lowest is around 74.
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    Injured Betta Fins

    Honestly, I would avoid a medication and just do water changes. I also feel that if you do choose to use a medication, I would follow the directions.
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    Injured Betta Fins

    Your betta does look like it has fin issues. If it were mine, I would try daily or every other day water changes. Clean water, at least in my experience is the best medicine.
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    Glofish Help

    If in fact, they look like salt it quite likely is ick.
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    Glofish Help

    Not sure what you are asking? I see some discoloration and maybe/cant be certain, some specks that look like salt-If I had a clearer picture or more information?
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    What The Heak Is Going On?

    Have you any decorations or sand, etc that is not sold for an aquarium? Could be something leaching chemicals in your water. You should have an ammonia spike with dead fish.
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    Is There Profit In Breeding If So What?

    In my experience, the answer is not very, at least that was my experience. I would say in order to truly profit, you would either need a specialty fish-one difficult to find/grow out but popular. The problem for me was living in an isolated area and no luck with shipping. It was more expensive...
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    Strange Betta Scales? New Betta

    Beautiful and looks healthy! Appears to be just his coloring.
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    10 Gallon Tank Suitable For Betta Sorority ?

    I raised many betta and be cautious with any sorority. There are times when things look okay but stress is occurring. The ten gallon, imo is way to small but maybe if you plant heavy. However, I would not do five in less than a 20 gallon long.
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    (betta) Can Someone Help Me Diagnose What This Is?

    You can order online the Kanaplex Chewy. The trouble really is, trying one after the other and the fish cannot take the stress.
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    (betta) Can Someone Help Me Diagnose What This Is?

    QT tank, daily water changes and fungal meds. I use the big gun rarely but Kanaplex is some great stuff but be very careful and don't try more than one thing at a time-except of course water changes and if you use the Kanaplex, follow the directions.
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    Guppie Normal?

    Prolific is the word I use on most livebearers and I would guess, yes, more babies!
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    Beta Tank Upgrade?

    I have bought many more expensive tanks but this one was great! I still have a betta and it lives in this tank! Koller Craft 6.5 Gallon Aquarium Kit with Internal Filter and LED Lighting
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