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    5 Gallon Tank Catfish Eggs in my Betta and Neon Tetra Tank

    Eggs of albino corys will stay yellow. Others will turn a dark tan or brown. If you’re unsure if they’re fertilized you can let them be. Dead eggs will eventually fungus over and you should remove those immediately. Yes moving them to the bigger tank is ok. Or you can put the breeder box in your...
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    5 Gallon Tank Catfish Eggs in my Betta and Neon Tetra Tank

    You should move them if you want babies. The others in the tank (even the parents) will happily snack on eggs or newly hatched fry. Luckily cory eggs are easy to care for. They should be very sticky- you can move them by rolling them onto your fingers, be careful not to crush them. If they're...
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    2 photo periods in 24hrs?

    Look into split photo periods aka “siestas”. It’s a technique used by people who are playing around CO2 levels in their tank. No experience with it myself but from what I’ve gathered it can improve plant growth
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    Lazada - Legit business or "fish blood" money ?

    Ah but consider how the fish got to the store in the first place. Fish are shipped from all over the world to get to your aquarium. Pretty cool process. There’s a lot of “fish unboxing” videos on YouTube. It’s easy to lose track of time watching those... oddly addictive
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    50 Gallon Tank Blood Parrot is driving me INSANE!!!

    Oh don’t worry they’ll dig in gravel/pebbles no problem. They’ll even knock around big stones. And then get angry at you for ruining their landscaping during water changes lol
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    Help! Fungus?

    Looks like it could be the start of ich
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    How long does beneficial bacteria last?

    If you’re running the tank without stock then yes you’ll need to supplement with food. Possibly once a week or so. Few days is no problem at all. Just don’t go too overboard with the initial stocking. As far as the whole bottled bacteria goes... it’s legit, but some products work better than...
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    50 Gallon Tank Blood Parrot is driving me INSANE!!!

    Yikes. Perhaps it’s time to replace the sand with gravel or pebbles. At the very least it will stop wrecking your filters
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    Java fern losing color?

    Strange fading on one of my java fern leaves. It’s turning white from the bottom up like it’s being dipped in bleach. I found it curious because it’s just this single leaf and all other plants in tank are doing well. Anyone know what’s going on?
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    Meds or not

    Would not recommend
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    Black Diamond Blasting Sand is amazing!!!

    Oh wow, pretty much every substrate recommendation video I’ve seen on YouTube mentions blasting sand. From what I’ve heard it’s a fantastic cheap substrate but can be hit or miss. Apparently some batches can have an oily residue that takes a while to rinse off, and some have specks of metal or rust.
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    Problem with airline tubing

    I get big rolls of 1/4 inch airline tubing at hardware stores. Fits perfectly on most aquarium appliances
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    Identification help: corydoras aenus or splendens?

    Fascinating! Ive always assumed them to be a different color variant of C. aeneus. I’ve got a similar looking bunch and now you’re making me doubt
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    Is Seachem Safe better than Prime?

    Safe is a very concentrated form of Prime. It’d be very hard to measure unless you’re willing to bust out a scale every time. I think it’s like 1/4 teaspoon per 300 gallons or so. But if it’s the smell you’re worried about I hear Safe smells way worse- someone said they keep it wrapped up in a...
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    10 Gallon Tank Severe Betta Fin Rot and Ammonia

    Hello! Welcome to fishlore! I want to mention that there’s a good chance blueberry doesn’t have fin rot. The symptoms you described don’t match up at all. Fin rot is an infection, it causes the edge to look red, like a thin border, and it slowly melts away over the course of several weeks. When...
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