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  1. African Cichlids

    Yeah, just stick to a more herbivorous diet and you should be fine.
  2. Zebra Danios Not Eating. :(

    Huh, is the 1 that is not eating showing any signs of disease?
  3. African Cichlids

    Crickets with Africans are not a very good idea. They are high in protein and can lead to bloat. You want a more spirulina based diet. Vegtebales are a good idea, just get a veggie clip and attach them to the side of the tank.
  4. Zebra Danios Not Eating. :(

    Cool, keep the thread updated. I am guessing they will start to eat soon
  5. Zebra Danios Not Eating. :(

    Just wondering, what size tank are they in
  6. Zebra Danios Not Eating. :(

    I would stop adding the tss and monitor your tank parameters
  7. Zebra Danios Not Eating. :(

    You are not able to guess what ammonia levels are. As with the above people, I recommend you pick up liquid tests, like the API master test kit. Test strips suck, and really are not accurate. Tetra safestart plus is a bacteria in a bottle product, and will kickstart the cycling of your tank...
  8. Fish Get Sick And Die - Desperately Need Some Help

    Fungus shouldn't be happening, do you have recent water tests?
  9. Fish Get Sick And Die - Desperately Need Some Help

    It kind of sounds like columnaris.
  10. Compatibility Question

    I think with puffer you are going to be stuck with the tobies. Any other puffers get too big.
  11. Compatibility Question

    I think you would be fine with a pair of clownfish, and the eel you have chosen should be good, thy are one of the 2 that are most fish safe. The most fish safe though is the zebra moray. The dog face puffer, like said above, is a no go. I think min tank size is 150 gallon. Check out the toby...
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  13. Stocking Ten Gallon

    I would recommend a goby/pistol shrimp pair. I have a ten gal salt with a yellow watchmen goby and a tiger pistol.
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  15. New Member

    Hello every, been a longtime guest, figured I might as well just make an account. I am on RC as Shrimpinator123 and on Monster fish keepers as CichlidKeeper01. I currently have 3 tanks up and running. My first tank is a 125 gal mixed african cichlid tank, followed next by a 10 gal nano reef, and...

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