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    Approach an LFS about selling them my fry?

    You might want to run an add on craigs list in your area??
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    Maybe 2 Oscars, but need feedback and ideas.

    well I have two oscar's 2 pelco, 2 clown loach's they all are in a 210 gal. tank. and they all get along fine and have penty of room , the oscar's are 10in and 12in. and I have had them for 2 1/2 for tanks it up to you . if you plan on putting more fish in or not, I love the 210 my self !
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    Feeding well = schooling?

    yes I would add more I have 7 of them in my 40 gal., they all get along fine, swimming all over tank and from time to time they will school
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    150gal Canister advice!

    the fx5 comes whith the white foam pads ,but you must bye the media you want. I run it on my 210, started it months a head of time on my 75g. it runs very well. you'll love it too.
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    Filter sucking up fish...

    I have clown loaches and they love it !!
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    lighting my 210 gal tank

    yes, that is all I want in this tank, thanks eveyone for your hepl my oscars destroy the other plants LOL .
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    lighting my 210 gal tank

    I was looking at some 36 '' t5 HO dual strips 78 watts. I was thinking of putting two of them on the tank. the only plants that will be in the tank is java moss and ferns.Or is that two much light
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    Pvc Piping

    can you buy that at the hardware store ???
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    Pvc Piping

    I want to put some pcv piping in my tank as hiding spots, but can it be painted and what kind of paint should iI use.I was going to use aquarium silicone to stick some stone on it but I think the oscars will peel it all off??? What do you all think !!! THANKS...
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    High Levels Nitrates In Tap Water! Help!!!

    let me know if this aquaripure really works ????
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    Help please! My tank is cracked.

    I'd be happy gettig 10 more gallons. it might be a little work but you can get more fish in the long run .im
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    I'm sorry my mistake, nutter not bubblynutter that's who had the eheims. but yes the bioload will stay the same for 3to 4 months, then I might add a couple fish .
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    nutter I will will be getting hold of you when that eheim 2217 gets here in april , I liked what you told me bout them so I know you can give me all the information I need on the filter . right now had to much money going out on the 210 and stand & fx5 to buy all at one time. you think a month...
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    thaks every that's what I needed to know, nutter I will be getting the eheim 2217 in april. the guy at the shop gave me the polishing pad, they will be gone, my water is very clear so I'm really after bac. my new tank will be a 210 ordered it yesterday .
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    yes media sorry about that bacause i'm not woried about the carbon right now I got biomax in the middle and polishing pads on top. is that right and what could I use on the bottom??? thanks
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