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  1. Severe issues, dying fish, help!

    Rosie, we want you to succeed, if you do good we are good. The forum is here for the betterment and advancement of the hobby. Unfortunately you will lose some fish. Please go to the nitrogen cycle forum here and read as much as you can about it (nitrogen cycle). Once in a while you have to step...
  2. Severe issues, dying fish, help!

    Treat for fungus.
  3. What is this ?

    I did the last treatment yesterday, and I see a lot of improvement. I will keep an eye on him for a couple of more days. Like Arnold says: Aahh bee bac.
  4. Slits in anglefish fins

    Welcome to FishLore. Yes, the pecking order is all, water changes will take care of that as they set up chain of command; sort of speak. Congrats on going with Angelfish. Angelfish and Guppies are my first love in the hobby, though I keep many others. If you want to breed them, then yes, keep...
  5. What is this ?

    Did the second treatment with Metro today, no change in the condition of the Severum, but he is eating.
  6. What is this ?

    I got me some Metro from a Vet. near the house. He sold me some 250mg tablets. I crushed six of them and threw them in the tank, I'll continue to treat for three days and see what happens. I never had Hexamita before, am I doing this right?
  7. What is this ?

    I'm going to get the first I can get my hands on, but would prefer Metro. I'm convinced it is hole in the head. Really sad, I have this guy with me for about ten years already, I'd hate to lose him. Going to do everything in my power to save him.
  8. What is this ?

    Is that hole in the head?
  9. What is this ?

    55 gal.
  10. What is this ?

    pH=7-7.5, Am.=0, Nitrite=0, Nitrate=50 ppm, Temp.=75-76. I do a 50% wc once a week.
  11. What is this ?

    This is a green Severum, it has some white stuff on the body. I have tried treating for fungus with no results. It looks like white spikes sticking out from the body. Can someone tell me what it is and how to treat it? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Hello Everyone

    I need to change my tank profiles, thanks for mentioning that, a lot has changed. Plus I'm breeding the BN plecos again as well as Neon and Glolite Tetras, and some Africans.
  13. Hello Everyone

    I'm not a new member, but have not been here for a while. Yes, still have my tanks and fish. Glad to be back.
  14. Can I have more bottom feeders?

    Either that or re home the pleco. I think it will outgrow the tank, if it hasn't already.
  15. Ghost Shrimp eats its own shell!

    Yes just normal, not a Jeffrey Dahmer.

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