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    Fish randomly dying

    Thanks for the reply. They all get along good. My shrimp are doing good so I think they would have died if there was a water quality issue.
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    New to goldfish and slightly concerned

    Did they breed. It could be a baby.
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    60 Gallon Tank Platy thick pink hanging down from anus - Update!

    I think it is just poop. Do you feed them red stuff.
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    Post-power outage restrart

    I had the water siphon into the air pump in a power outage once and it broke. I now use check valves.
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    Help with fins

    Your ph change probably shocked them a bit. It is normal for stratum to do that. Melafix is not good medicine it is just oil. I would go with maracyn instead if it is legal where you live. They are probably gasping at the surface because of stress or lack of oxygen. Do you have a air stone or...
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    Fish randomly dying

    I had 2 apistos and they were fine until the female died after a water change and yesterday I did another water change and the male seemed fine and I woke up to find the male dead I have no idea why they died all the fish in that tank have been through quarantine. water parameters are ammonia-0...
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    Is a tiny bit of soap bad.

    I had a tiny bit of soap on my hands and was trimming my plants and I noticed my other hand had soap on it. I did a 90% water change and added carbon to my filter all my fish seem to be acting fine and my rummynose tetras still have the red spot one their head. Do you think this is anything to...
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    Easy to Breed fish

    yes but most fry are not big enough to eat them when they first hatch so you would need microworms or infusoria.
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    Easy to Breed fish

    Bolivian rams are harder than gbr or apistos but they are what I would say medium difficulty. You could have a pair of angels in a 20 high but you couldn't have anything else.
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    Should I Be Worried About These Worms?

    I thought the same thing at first.
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    Should I Be Worried About These Worms?

    I would guess detritus worms or tubifex worms which are both harmless.
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    Poorly Neon Tetra

    I had to do it to my betta a couple months ago he had swim Blatter disease and never went away and eventually got very bad.
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    Suction cups smell like plastic.

    Thanks. Its worse than hard plastic but i have this siphon that smells worse and my canister filter tubes smell similar so it probably just a rubber thing.
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    55 Gallon Tank Looking for ideas for Centerpiece fish for 55g with Serpaes.

    Dwarf cichlids aristos or Bolivian rams German blues if they can handle the higher temps.
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