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    Krib: Too early to say male or female?

    Thanks. It (he?) is in qt with a little honey gourami and both are very active.
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    Krib: Too early to say male or female?

    Just got it today and it is in qt. Pictures aren't great.
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    Pest snails as food?

    Found my first pest snail today hanging on the corral I build for my floaters. Was wondering if I crushed its shell a bit if I could feed it to the skirt tetras.
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    Is this the dreaded bba?

    Same with my two Amano. They are more than happy to fight off big skirt tetras for bug bites but algae is so far beneath them. How dare I expect them to eat algae I have been wanting to get a couple American flag fish. They are supposedly one of the few types of fish that eats bba.
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    Is this the dreaded bba?

    Here's a better pic
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    Is this the dreaded bba?

    Am I finally victim? Is this black beard algae on the rocks up front? I've been using a liquid fertilizer the last couple weeks for the first time as I'm slowly switching to live plants.
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    Frogbit salvageable?

    Thanks for checking in. It doesn't look worse but definitely not any better. Since my rotala is growing really well I chopped off some of the long stalks and have them floating amongst the remaining frogbit. It has made a nice little tangle of floating plants that my honey gourami hangs out under.
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    I Have Some Fry... How Do I Keep Them Alive?

    I have a mix of fake and live, have never had any problems with the live plants introducing bad stuff to the tank. I've got a couple java ferns, java moss covering a terracotta pot, a rotala that is nice, and some floaters
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    15 Gallon Tank A few questions new to the hobby and the forum!

    I have 2 hillstreams in my 20g tank and they eat pretty much anything. If the goldfish are into the algae wafers, maybe try a little bit of other foods and see if they might pass on them. My hillstreams eat wafers, spinach, cucumber, cichlid pellets, vibrabites, bug bites, frozen blood worms...
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    Dead fish in my 29 gallon tank

    Maybe some type of issue acclimating to your ph or water hardness? Do you quarantine them or add then right away?
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    Other than crickets and dubia roaches, what can baby bearded dragons eat?

    It has been a long time since I've had a bearded dragon but mine used to go nuts for silkworms. They start off small when you get them and grow quickly before cocooning. I also used to feed it the silk moths which was a treat.
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    Cardinal, neon or glow light??

    We started with 5 glow tetras (same as black skirt) and they were all fine, then we added to black skirt tetras to plus up the school and those two have gotten bigger than the rest and are total bullies. We also have 6 glow lights and they are not nippy, mostly stay in a school but sometimes...
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    Considering new lighting

    Only one day into it but I'm happy with my new stingray 2. Simple but got great reviews
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    New top and lights

    20g standard marineland kit
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