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    is it over stocked?

    so I have the update this tank now only has the fronts and the bacardI in it. so all together 5 fish I hope this will work out better sold all my other babies
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    Updated 63gal planted

    love the set up looks awsome
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    A couple of my fish.

    awsome fish
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    is it over stocked?

    so I still haven't mastered the taking of the pictures my fish are very avid swimmers but will try tomorow to capture them.
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    is it over stocked?

    so I have hhad this tank up and running now with no problems but I am just wondering is this over stocked or is it fine. first off the tank is a 40gal with an aquaclear300...and a powerhead, 150watt heater,lavarock,crushed coral sub. water is perfect at 0ppm ammonia,0ppm nitrite and nitrate...
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    can i get cichlids for my community tank?

    i'v found that you can almost and I mean almost get away with adding what ever you want in to a tank, from my point/exp I have put convicts with angles and tetras....put the same angles with small african chiclids. I'm not saying that the fish would be happy and I have since got all may tank...

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