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    Heater guard as a spray bar?

    has anyone used a heater guard as a spray bar?!?!?!
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    What is this attached tube for?

    image from@ "" what is that tube for? looks like a shrimp feeder dish.. or air diffuser?
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    Tetra Whisper AP 300 question

    getting a repair kit for the air pumps.
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    Tetra Whisper AP 300 question

    should the air filter be cleaned? or replaced?
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    What Kind Of Snail Should I Get?

    thorned nerites! Nerite Snails – Detailed Guide: Care, Diet and Breeding - Shrimp and Snail Breeder and Algae problems and how to deal with them | Algae Forum | 188662
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    Are these airstones?

    ahh man;/ I thought they were like Ultimate airstones!
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    Are these airstones?

    It doesnt say airstone anywhere.. but it looks like it. Is this possibly an airstone? images from Aquarium Filter Silencer Silent Mini Plastic Submersible No Pollute Fish Tank Pump Equipment Supplies
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    Frozen brine shrimp or smashed up strawberry water?

    frozen brine shrimp or smashed up strawberry water?
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    Cleopatra, Usopp and Radio <3
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    Fish food Freezer burn??

    thanks guys! No wonder all the fish ignored the bloodworms.. I thought I had accidentally thawed them and they went bad. but i guess its just not tasté with the burn. My bad.
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    Fish food Freezer burn??

    can fish food get freezer burn??
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    Check Valve with Air Filter

    Has anyone tried these or does any1 use these?! I am wondering how often they would need to be changed? or is the filter "self cleaning" ? And does this mean if we use a regular check valve the air being pumped isnt "clean"? *Check Valve Air Filters *provides clean filtered air for aquarium...
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    Corydoras ID

    thanks guys! He was all alone in a tank when we found him. The guy said he arrived mixed in with ottos.
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    Corydoras ID

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    Any1 how to take the brown stuff off

    its a banana plant. I read about it maybe being diatoms or maybe some kind of algae. but im not sure. a couple of the banana plants arrived like that. I thought it was going to go away but it has not.
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