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    Seachem tidal 110 filter media

    What country does it need to be shipped to? A few options come to mind, but not sure if you would need to import them or not.
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    Same stuff, different package?

    Went to pick up some Seachem Matrix and am having a difficult time finding it locally. Usually I get it packaged like this: I can’t find this, but I’ve found this a few places: I know it’s pre-packaged and measured for the Seachem-brand filters, but is it functionally any different than...
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    River Manifold Build Question

    Not sure if anyone is still interested in this, but more updates, as requested. This has become a much, much longer project than anticipated, but I think I’m in the home stretch. So far this weekend, I’ve managed to apply vinyl to the back and sides, replace the airline tubing on the...
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    55 Gallon Tank Choosing more friends for my Fancy Goldfish.

    Ah…will stick to the two then.
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    55 Gallon Tank Choosing more friends for my Fancy Goldfish.

    Have an oranda goldfish and “calico” fancy goldfish in a 55 Gallon. I originally wanted to add another fancy like a butterfly or black moor and a trio of dojo loaches. I plugged this into AqAdvisor to check and it flipped out. I know these are some massive waste producing fish, but between...
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    Are Panda Corys and Honey Gourami compatible?

    Great pairing! No need to worry. Once it stabilizes, as others have said, may be able to add some small fish like green neon tetras, ember tetras, or harlequin rasboras. Black neons could be great in a community like that, too.
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    SAE to old to go back to (a) school?

    I’ve had an SAE by (pretty sure) herself for 2-3 years now in a 20 gallon long. I recently moved her into a 55 gallon standard which she is quite pleased with! Now that she’s in a larger tank, I was considering adding some more SAEs, but at this point would being around juveniles stress her...
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    TopFin 55 gal LED lights

    I had a 20 high Top Fin kit with similar hood and lights. I can attest, for such small lights, it can be crazy bright! I added a mix of frogbit, duckweed, and salvinia, but really any floating plant should work. These plants will flourish, diminish nitrates, and reduce the influx of light...
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    River Manifold Build Question

    Just an update for those interested. After looking over the pre-cemented pipe I wondered if the Xinyou XY-380 sponge filters I use would fit over the intakes, so I pulled the center columns out and slipped it over; it fit like a glove! I used the full dry-fit assembly to cement each joint of...
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    River Manifold Build Question

    Thank you! I had been wondering, but read that there would be a loss of suction over time if I didn’t cement it. I may just cement the end pieces so they’re set firmly; the joints don’t potentially break; and I don’t have to worry about the upright parts getting jostled and moved by current...
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    River Manifold Build Question

    That’s the only picture I have so far. Currently, dry run has it fitting perfectly in the tank. This weekend I want to clean the outside of the tank and apply self-adhesive vinyl to the back and sides. As for the manifold, I want to cement the end pieces and stands, but plan to hold off a...
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    River Manifold Build Question

    I’m in the process of replacing all of my nano tanks with “standard” size aquariums (1x 40 breeder and 2x 55 gallon aquariums) and decided that, since I’m going through the hassle of rehoming all my fish, I should set up a proper river tank this time. To do this, I am using the well-known build...
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    30 Gallon Build

    I’ve never used root tabs or worried about light, and mine look nice, but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing it wrong.
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    Mystery Fry…Any Guesses?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! going to have to be careful with my water changes in this tank. I don’t want to lose the fry!
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    Mystery Fry…Any Guesses?

    Nope. No new plants inside the tank. They’d have to be one of the resident fish. The fact that you say they look like Peppered Corydoras point to the suspicion they’re probably Panda Cory fry. They do breed readily in good tanks, and more cories is awesome, though I was kinda hoping for...
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