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    Fish Identification (comets?)

    Hi All, Are these Comets. I acquired them last week. they are around 7" not including tails. Pond Fish1 by cedman posted Jul 1, 2019 at 8:38 AM
  2. Pond Fish1

    Pond Fish1

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    is this normal

    it does this all the time. I think it wants to be a yoyo. When its done spinning it flattens out and glides around the tank till it lands. didnt catch that on video cause he just wouldnt stop today. lol, it gets real exciting at 1:15 so keep watching...
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    is this algae?

    lol, its marine. That is a cleaner shrimp on tonga rock.
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    is this algae?

    It was on the rock when i purchased it. trying to figure out what it might be. It does not seem to be growing more than 1/4 inch in height. It is growning slowly along the rock.
  7. IMG 20140414 090536392 HDR

    IMG 20140414 090536392 HDR

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    this freakin cat.... i swear.

    my cat does that also. I blame it on her being in a cage her first 8 months of life. She learned to tune out human voice and contact being in Petco getting poked all day long i dont blame her.
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    mobility question

    maybe you can request them at your LFS. They may agree some saving you shipping costs.
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    Help: is my Blue Gourami aggressive?

    a single blue gourami in a 5 gallon is not a good idea. too small for them, it will probably attack anything in the tank.
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    Marineland bio wheel not turning

    Flip over the wheel and see if it spins. Mine was sticking and after cleaning and messing with the filter turned out it just needed to be flipped.
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    hydrogen peroxide ?

    ive used it successfully to remove bb algae. 1 Tbls per gallon in a bucket and soak plants or wood for 6 hours in the dark. worked great. You dont have to go crazy rinsing when done. its safe.
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    Trying to decide which kind of snail would be best

    pretty sure my snail is full grown. around 2". They grow pretty quick. He has been in the tank 2 months or so. He was maybe an inch when i got him.
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    Trying to decide which kind of snail would be best

    i have 1 zebra nerite and 1 mystery snail in a 5 gallon. Neither eats the live plants (red flame sword, java fern, anacharis, and crypt lutea) and i have not seen any eggs from the nerite. They both seem to be enjoying life.

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