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    Does Petsmart Sell Any "rarer" Fish?

    I heard there was going to be a new Petsmart opening up in my area. Since my only options within an reasonable distance were Petco and Wallyland, I was wondering if they sold any fish I can't buy from those places, like dwarf cichlids, non bn or common plecs, etc
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    Female Shrimp?

    I can only tell what shrimp are female when they have a mass of eggs. But females should be bigger than the males
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    How Aggressive Is A Solo Krib

    Ok, thanks guys.
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    How Aggressive Is A Solo Krib

    How aggressive are kribensis towards your everyday community fish if they are kept as 1 of their kind? Just curious
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    What Fish Is This?

    Julidochromis. Don't know what exact species
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    Fish Quiz!

    8/10, not bad. I didn't know the first one exsisted. I thought it was a stressed out roseline shark at first
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    Help Me Id This Fish

    Looks like a tinfoil barb. They get big
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    How Much Do You Pay For A Krib?

    There's a breeder here selling them each for $3, I think. Nice size too
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    Has Anyone Kept These?

    I've heard freshwater mushrooms were also discovered in the Amazon
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    Has Anyone Kept These?

    I've been researching some lately, and have come across some interesting freshwater organisms in that i've never heard of in the hobby. Has anyone here kept theses? Freshwater Sponges/Bryozoans Freshwater Jellyfish Freshwater Mushrooms Aegla I'm sure there's more, these are just the ones i've found
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    Bought Some Plants, But What Are They?

    I really doubt that 2/7 is anacharis. The leaves are way different from the type you find in stores
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    Amano Shrimp Black Spots?

    They are. The only hatch in brackish though
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    Thoughts On Catching Fish And Keeping Them For Your Aquarium?

    I really don't care for freshwater. It brings economic growth to the area where the fish are sourced, and most fishermen are environmentally conscience since overharvesting and destruction of habitat would mean no income. I dislike how saltwater fish are sourced though, they are being decimated...
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    Ghost Shrimp Or Whisker Shrimp

    Ghosties, at least my wild caught ones, aren't very aggressive. They are bullied by some of my fish, but can hold their own
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    Ghost Shrimp Or Whisker Shrimp

    Yeah, I think that's a whisker. I little whiter than my wild caught ghosties
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