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    I had to run out of the house for an hour and put both blues separated in a breeder box. Should I remove them? I don’t want the blue to be stressed and sick if they’re fighting but if they’re breeding I would want to keep them free
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    I turned on my light this morning to see 3-4 of my black skirt tetras chasing(?) a blue skirt tetra. The black seem to have a new red streak down spine area as if they’ve been scratched? Are they bullying? Mating? Never had this problem before should I separate the blue fish?? They kinda seem to...
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    I somehow JUST noticed these thin little brownish black lines all under my substrate. I watched for a bit and they’re moving! Aquarium approx 2.5 months old.
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    I will draw your fish!

    awesome!! Here are lots in one pic! Your choice
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    Black Worms & Cherry Shrimp?

    Hey guys! I’ve been wondering what I should do regarding my ADF. I’ve had 3 in my display tank for over a month, but 2 have died within the past few days Water was fine, I’m guessing they sadly starved. I placed the remaining one in a cup with some of its tank water and dropped in some pellets...
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    What is this growing??

    Hello guys, I noticed this on my intake right now. This is in my little 3.5 gallon QT, last fish I had in there were a few guppies 2 weeks ago. Tank has been empty since but I kept it running and drop in fish flakes every few days and half an algae wafer few days ago. Honestly haven’t tested the...
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    Did my Molly already birth!?!

    Seems like she flattened out between 2am and 9 am when I checked her! Could she possibly still be in labor/ should i move her to QT tank?? I didn’t want to put her in early and stress her. Pics were from yesterday then this morning TYIA
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    Will My ADF find their food??

    I just got 3 african dwarf frogs and some ZooMed aquatic frog sinking pellets. They seem the disappear after an hour or so, but I’m wondering if its my fish finding them after they’ve softened? Do I need to be feeding near the filter for better water circulation or with tweezers? I just drop the...
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    Is my Molly pregnant?

    Hi fishlore! After countless reference to the site, I’ve finally created an account for myself. The aquarium hobby has quickly consumed me lol. My question is : is my Lyretail Molly pregnant? She’s been in my tank since May 3rd. I think I read somewhere that Mollies can withhold birthing if...
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