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    What conditioner do you use?

    I have a salty, I use Seachem Reef complete, Seachem Reef buffer & Instant ocean reef cristals.
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    can i frag this? and what is it really?

    Id wait till you get more polyps. Target feed it more often it will grow faster, make sure when you feed it that it takes all the food. Dont want to foul the water. SHut the power heads off when you feed so the food don't get blown away. Good luck
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    Aqua c remora help

    Imo you have a top quality skimmer. I had a coral life super skimmer " big peice of junk" just kicked the bucket . I am saving up for one of these.
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    Failed lights

    Depends on what you got for lights now. Lethers aren't as light demanding as other corals like sps. What kind of working fixture you got what kind and type of bulb you are using ?
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    Cost of running a Saltwater tank?

    Dont give up I have seen some good deals on C LIst. Just make sure you do some research on saltwater and what tipe of system you want to keep. If you buy right the first time you'll only buy once, the cost of replacing equipment and or stock could make it cost more than it need to. Good luck.
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    What's you favorite tetra?

    Cardinals by far I use have a mixture of cardinals and neons. They would swim together in a shoals, very mesmerizing.
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    id this

    Its a pest anemone its called aptasia. If you smother it it will release spores and multiply like a weed. I know people that have had major issues with these. Dont place any corals with in its reach it can sting or irritate them. Some people use Joe's Juice or a syringe loaded with lemon juice ...
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    cooling aquarium under $8

    I like the ideas you guys have offerd. The first one is more cost effective. I am going to goole that controler and see if I can afford it.
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    cooling aquarium under $8

    Its getting warmer as summer nears. Yesterday my tank was at 82 degrees, I normally keep it at 78 degrees. I went out and got a small clip on fan for under $8. I have it faceing my t5's fanning the heat from the fixture away from the tank. I have managed to keep my temp at steady 76 degrees. I...
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    Reef Lighting

    I have a four boulb t5 fixture made by waypoint it cost me around $280. I have clams sps lps corals, I owned this unit for 2years and I like it. You might have to place your sps near the top. I have a chalice that I have gotten away with it in the midd depth. Check them out google wavepoint t5...
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    SW lighting, theres deal ???

    This is what I have 48" t5 fixture under $300. Had it for a year very happy with it, I have SPS,LPS,Clams all looking good. Check these out.
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    Sad day

    Just venting... I ve had my tank for 3 years I had a pair of clowns and a green bouble tip anemone in that tank for two year. Two days ago I woke up to my clowns finally in the anemone after two years of being in the same tank. Two days latter I wake up to my anemone in side one of my...
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    Reef Lighting

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    HELP with my DIY Sump filter.

    Not sure that there is a specific size ratio to aquarium size. I don’t have much room in my cabinet so I can’t have a sump. I did get a cpr hob refugium.
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    stock list for a 50 gallon

    I ve had bad luck with hermits. Blue and red ones. Even if I place a few empty shells they always seem to go after my snails. I have a 55 gallon and in the first few months my tank went threw some algae blooms. I change my water once a week 10 gallons at a time watch how much I feed and lights...
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