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    Clear Bubbles On Goldfish

    I see some shreddy fins and tufts that maybe bacterial maybe fungal. I'd be interested particularly in the nitrate levels too. Maybe it got high over time and chronic illness is creeping in. If so, a few larger water changes could give the goldie they advantage it needs to recover. Might not...
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    Help! What Causes Sudden Rises In Ph?

    No, i meant more like decorations being added. Can you try the test to see if the tap water swings? That can happen when it releases gasses. If the tap and tank dont match in a well maintained tank I always like to see if tap water that is rested test differently than fresh out of the tap. Do...
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    Help What Are These Bubbles/blisters On The Molly's Lower Abdomen?

    There should be 0 on nitrite. Just prerequisite, bring that level down and see if theres any underlying cause. Maybe a defect on that fish' anatomy? I could find info suggesting salt baths to deflate a blister but nothing specific on causes. I wonder if ammonia or nitrite levels can hurt the...
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    Help! What Causes Sudden Rises In Ph?

    Nothing added in the tank? Does your water change ph sitting in a cup/ bucket overnight? Trying to see if it's only rising in the tank or if it also raises as it gasses off and rests. Maybe a water softener system involved.
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    All Of A Sudden My Fish Seem Aggressive ?

    I'm interested in seeing a picture too. Fish are usually barely maturing at the store. They could be reaching sexual maturity in the weeks you've had them.
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    Nicked Silicone With Algae Razor- Need To Reseal Tank?

    No worries. Dont pull on it or anything. Just keep an eye on it. Over years it might let algea grow under the silicone, but I dont think theres an immediate danger.
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    Cichlid Vs Cichlid

    Use some of your mature filter media in any new filter that might be involved. The bacteria will be concentrated in media and other surfaces rather than the water column. You could put a divider in the 55. It sounds like the gift tank was recently broken down and used to have the oscar in it...
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    Help Sudden, Very Cloudy Water

    Is this a white cloud like bacterial bloom or green cloud?
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    Help Smoky Smell?

    I'd be suspicious of the light. Nodes on the led or the metal ends of other bulbs. Anything white and crunchy around them?
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    Plants Are Not Doing Well

    Mm that's a tough call. It seems like fish do like low light. But plants just need more. It's hard to say how your particular ones will take to it. Other than the light, I'd say check that there isnt a nutrient problem causing the algae. Adequate water changes and not too much fertilizer. After...
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    High Nitrate Levels

    'Precite it, thanks. The person in that video did a 90 min talk in a subsequent video about how we over sterilize tanks and get stuck in legacy practices in the hobby and such things that are getting brought up here. If ur interested in their take on that theme. Ill quit now tho. I
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    High Nitrate Levels

    I was trying to give you more resources and inspiration for your new interests. Not imply you should have seen it. Intense.
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    Plants Are Not Doing Well

    Issue closest at hand is inadequate light. You mean aqueon right? Is it 9 white nodes in a led bar? Something with rgb and more nodes.
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    High Nitrate Levels

    By all means, have a deep sand bed with anaerobic bacteria. No one was keeping this a secret it's just another nook of the hobby. Totally reminded me of every tank in this video.
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    Plants Are Not Doing Well

    Fluffy plant sounds like anacharis. What light do you use? Is flourish the only product? The swords might be melting and would regrow after. Turning black seems like a lot for the java. Is something black growing on them or just they die?

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