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  1. Looking for the basic info on starting a Saltwater tank.

    Hi Zeeter Thank you so much for the info and advice, its all appreciated. Ive seen that book around.. I may have to invest in it for sure. I'm learning the functions at the moment of the Saltwater tank. I know what's needed for up keep in a Freshwater tank, but learning what is entailed to keep a Saltwater tank up...
  2. 38 gallon reef pics

    Great photos and glad to hear your tank survived the moves. What kind of fish is that in the first photo? OMGoodness.. it is beautiful! I just love all those colors and patterns. Amazing! best of luck with your tank and fishy's.
  3. Looking for the basic info on starting a Saltwater tank.

    Hi Shawnie.. Thanks! ohh btw, I apologies for having been logged on for days on end.. Last time I was here, I thought I had logged out. jeesh.. Ive been researching the forum and the Saltwater beginner's sections.. Ohh boy... its like reading a foreign language! yikes!... This is going to take...
  4. Looking for the basic info on starting a Saltwater tank.

    Hi Folks, I have only kept Freshwater tanks up til now and my husband and I are thinking of starting a Saltwater tank. We have a new 55 gallon tank that is ready to go. There is not a whole lot about saltwater fish keeping that I know of. So I am a total newbie in this dept. I'm looking for info on the basic set...
  5. do you have to have even numbers of parrots?

    HI Lynda I don't know what may be going on either but its possible that you have 2 males and 1 female in the tank. One may be aggressive due to trying to be the dominate fish in the tank. At times my guys do chase each other around.. but they get over it and its not a constant thing. I feel for...
  6. Thinking about adding fish into my parrot cichlid tank.

    I also added red fin tin foil barbs in with them last week and everyone is getting along great. As far as live plants go, I had to forget about them when I had the Oscar in there, since he/she liked to re-arrange the tank. But I have not noticed any problems with the Parrots bothering the moss...
  7. do you have to have even numbers of parrots?

    Hi Lynda Sorry to hear of the problems in your tank. I was wondering if you had any pots for them to hide in? They love to make them their hiding places and your Buster or Sonny can find a pot to make their 'own' and hopefully cut down on the aggression.When my guys were young they loved those...
  8. ATT: all MM Betta parents!

    Hello Karen Thank you.. they are in a 29 gallon side by side condo. Had to get Murray out of his depression, he had no one to hang with or notice. Rosie of course still loves Drake and doesn't pay her brother much attention, but at least Murray has another to check out and 'play' with, his spirits...
  9. 55 Gallon Tank How many

    I agree, 2 would be nice with some compatible tank mates.
  10. ATT: all MM Betta parents!

    Hi Ted... :;bananahi Yes, I have been MIA lately lol. Thank u for thinking of me.
  11. Betta females and a discus?

    I totally agree with Slug here. Discus are beautiful fish and look so sad anyway.. I would send up a fish prayer that someone who has the space and experience with them finds it and brings it home. Its wonderful that you were thinking of rescuing it but I can tell that deep down you know what...
  12. Hello all :)

    LOL .. take the photos after the water change and cleaned tank.. hehehe.. And a tip, make sure you wipe the outside glass. Those water drips never seem to show up til after you upload the photos haha..
  13. Gender of GBR?

    Hi, they are gorgeous! I miss my GBR's when I see vids such as yours. Its hard to tell, but IMO it does look like you possibly have a pair there. The second one that seems to have more pink on it may be a female.
  14. Thinking about adding fish into my parrot cichlid tank.

    Hi, I would continue to search photos of fish u may like to add and research them or of course ask here, we will be happy to help if we can. In the 10 gallon tank there was not much room and I'm sure your Parrots were pretty stressed and that may have been the cause of the aggression. I never had a...
  15. ATT: all MM Betta parents!

    MM's granbabies... Rosie, Drake and Murray. They have been with me for one year this week. They are all doing great...and I have given up on the idea of breeding them. Took awhile for fins to grow back and look good again.

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