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    What Breed Of Dog Do You Have? How Many? Names?

    Here are my pups. Roscoe is my German Shepherd Collie mix and Raleigh is our Something and a Collie mix lol. Roscoe is 5 and Raleigh is 1 this year. Roscoe is very protective of her and will usually not let her play with other dogs if they get rough with her at the park. Though she is usually...
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    Large Freshwater Isopod?

    Vampire/viper shrimp would be a good choice. Contrary to their name they are very peaceful. And since they are shrimp not crayfish they don't have large pincers.
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    Is My Tank Cycled?

    Keep going. Eventually you're going to have a spike in ammonia and that won't be good for fish.
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    Signs Of Over-stocked Tank?

    What is your plan when they get bigger?
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    Algae Eater Id?

    So many new tanks are set up with terrible fish choices.... But your loaches look great! Nice Congo tetra in the back too!
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    Algae Eater Id?

    As they said this is a gold Chinese algae eater. These can get up to 12 inches...
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    Whats A Good Algae Eater For My Tank?

    Right, but are they big enough for a small fish to fit in
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    Whats A Good Algae Eater For My Tank?

    You could probably get an Otto for each section
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    Buenos Aires Tetras Decimating New Plant Growth.

    Mine would eat almost everything I had except my swords. I have one cluster of LUDWIGIA PERUENSIS hanging out until I have something to do with it lol. So far no eaten leaves. But they tore through plants like crazy at first. I think feeding them more and adding some fresh veggies has cut back...
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    Whats A Good Algae Eater For My Tank?

    Bettas in general probably wouldn't attack a shrimp. You should get a bigger tank, PetSmart actually has a really cool 5 gal micro tank that they have for like $30 with an LED light.
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    What Breed Of Dog Do You Have? How Many? Names?

    I have two. A collie mix named Raleigh and a shepherd mix named Roscoe. He is super energetic... Doesn't like to be cuddled too much but he lays on me when he wants something lol
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    Beginner New 60 Gallon Tank Build

    I have some congo tetra in one of my tanks. They are so gorgeous! When hit by light at different angles their scales will shine a different color.
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    Signs Of Over-stocked Tank?

    Bio load is an easy indicator. But definitely know the end size of your fish and how they fit in the aquarium. Diseases like Ich can easily spread in an overstocked tank because of the stress on the fish.
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    Need Help Iding Stray Tetra

    When they school they will follow each other. So if they are led to a corner they will all follow, scared or not. Could have been food they saw or they just liked the lighting. Once you have schools of 5 or more for each species, and some time has passed, they should all start moving around freely.
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    Replacing Carbon

    Carbon really just takes care of the smell. If you're using things like prime when adding new water it should all be good. If you wanted you could always build your own filter to keep from having to buy filter pads.

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