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    I would get your wife to just feed the fish every other day, and do a large waterchange right before you leave, and they should be fine.
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    Question Centerpiece For 20 Gallon Long

    78 degrees, ish, it can be from 75-81 though, as that is the range of rummy nose's (which isn't to say it fluctuates, but if the centrepiece needs a slightly different temp, it can change a bit) and I dont want to put a gourami in the tank I dont think, with that gourami virus going around
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    Question Centerpiece For 20 Gallon Long

    So, I’m looking for suggestions for my 20 gallon long tank. It currently has 8 rummynose tetras and some snails and amano shrimp. Centerpiece fish? I’m open to anything other than Bolivian rams. They’re crazy finiky at my lfs.
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    I Must Be The Only Person To Kill Floating Plants

    While I can’t tell you why it’s happening, or how to fix it, it happened to me too wondering how to fix it also lol.
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    Question Keyhole Cichlids For 20 Gallon?

    Thanks so much! I assumed that, but some websites said 18 gallons, which I thought was odd, then some said 20, some 30, and some 50, but I wanted someone elses opinion. Thanks
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    Question Keyhole Cichlids For 20 Gallon?

    Hi all, So, recently my bolivian ram died, he was a single ram in the tank, along with some snails, shrimp, and 8 rummynose tetras. I’ve come to the conclusion that I want another centerpiece fish, as the tank looks empty with just the tetras. Would keyholes work? I’ve hear conflicting...
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    Is This Common With Plecos

    I think its just the flash reflecting off their eyes.
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    Betta Compatibility For 8 Gallon Nano Tank?

    No. A betta with pea puffers is a recipe for disaster. Not only is the betta aggressive, the pea puffers are super aggressive, and one would end up killing the other one, or atleast seriously injuring it.
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    Betta Compatibility For 8 Gallon Nano Tank?

    With the betta?
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    Ethical Question In A Flood.

    How stocked are your tanks? How big are they each?
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    Fish Eating Bettas Tail

    Hi! First of all, the plastic plants also may be impacting his fins, as the plastic is pretty rough and may rip his fins. I cant say much about the other fish however, as I’ve never kept bettas with anything other than snails lol.
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    Floating Debris

    Yeah, definitely bloodworms lol. Take a fish net or something similar and drag it along the surface, it should pick up most of it
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    Is This Diseas

    I dont really know what grey spot they are talking about, but the fish has a sunken in sort of stomach and its tail is almost slanted downwards.
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    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Looks so good! What is that?
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    Betta 2.5 Gallon Debate

    Okay, I think this all really depends on the betta, like, I know some bettas would honestly be better in smaller tanks (1.5) for other reasons (really old, really young) or if they’re disabled, ect. And I know I have had bettas that have been flat out scared of being in bigger tanks (I put a...

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