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    Pea Puffers Not Eating

    I have 2 pea puffers in a 10 gal all by themselves. Water paramaters are all normal and I check weekly. They started out with a population of snails but quickly decimated them. I bought frozen bloodworms but they won’t even touch them. The nearest fish store is over an hour away so it’s hard to...
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    Hard Choices And Ick!

    So, i have my tank of 3 Endlers, 4 Red cherries. One of the endlers had 3 babies that i got in the hanging nursery cage in the tank, they seem to be doing fine! But now she has some white dots forming which i assume must be Ick. How can i treat her and the tank with the babies still within the...
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    Hair Algae Is Taking Over

    Well after doing research i found that for a few hours when i am usually out of the house and can't see the tank some of the sunlight from the window would hit it, i believe causing this massive algae bloom. Moved the tank to a more shaded area! Thank you both for the help!
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    Hair Algae Is Taking Over

    Still cycling my 29 gallon with 4 White mountain minnows in there and in just the past 3 days hair algae is covering everything and getting very thick. Worried this could hurt my cycle and the fish. I had 2 amano shrimp in but they were slowly keeling over so i switched them to my nursery tank...
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    Species Sunday!what Is Your Current Specialty!

    For myself i'm really interested KilLifish right now, specifically the Blue Gularis. I don't have that species yet but i have watched about a dozen videos on them and might have my LFS order them for me.
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    Species Sunday!what Is Your Current Specialty!

    @mac12340 I had never even heard of those and thought you might be pranking me. These guys are awesome though! They really stay 3-4 inches? @Heather L I just got in 4 golden white clouds to join my small school of normal WCs!
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    Species Sunday!what Is Your Current Specialty!

    I will probably get in trouble for this or get it shoved to some far off subfourm that never sees the light of day but i will still try! What is your favorite species these days, either fish or invert or even plant! It doesn't have to be of all time but just something you have enjoyed recently...
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    Butter/bibb Lettuce Grows Well In Aquarium

    I mean most of all of our produce is fertilized with cow **** so i can't imagine it would be dramatically worse. It is a bit fishy though ;-)
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    Stocking Okay For 8.5gal?

    Are you really set on the Corys? Yes they can do okay in this small of a group and tank but their lifespan and quality of life will be dramatically lower. Would you be interested in any other bottom feeders or clean up crew type fish? Some will argue Platies need at least a 10 gallon but in all...
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    Stocking Suggestions For A 20 Gal Long

    Another centerpiece option would be angelfish if you are interested in that . Yet the tank size is their minimum so that could be overstocking.
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    Tank Mates For My Roseline Sharks

    I have heard German Blue Rams actually work fairly well with these and look phenomenal. The only thing i can see as an issue it temperature, Roselines are up to 77 and GBRS are 78-84. Yet i have seen it done and it might work if you go to 77.
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    3.5 Gallon Tank

    If he wants variety he could also possibly add a mystery snail! They can get quiet colorful, just take care because they can escape easily.
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    Pregnant Endler

    I have a pregnant Endlers livebearer! I really want to raise some of this batch so i was wondering if anyone has raised some from birth before, i don't have brine shrimp and i am concerned about the filter size. I am put all the other fish in a different tank so it is just her , 1 other female...
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    30 Gallon Tiered Aquascape Stocking Ideas

    Good point! Sorry for being so general, just was so excited in the moment. I'm planning on it to be a small display tank in a Thai restaurant after i enjoy it in my room for a time. At the top of the tiered steps will be a small temple like structure. With these them i want graceful, harmonious...
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    30 Gallon Tiered Aquascape Stocking Ideas

    I have cleaned out my 30 Gallon yard tank find and it it ready to begin preparing! But i wanted to ask Fishlore for ideas! I am for sure doing a tiered aquascape, half will be flat sand with a simple driftwood feature, the other half will be gravel in tiers. Sand will be sparsely planted, the...

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