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  1. Homemade Gel Food

    No wonder the fish love it!
  2. Question Do tannins effect water tests

    I have often wondered if a high amount of tannins in my aquarium water effect water tests. I use the API Freshwater Master test kit for my testing and paper test strips for quick readings. I have not found anything online that directly addresses this question and wonder if anyone has...
  3. Best root tab

    I am setting up a new tank. Actually, I have the tank already, but I am still in the planning mode. The fish will be as important as the plants. The tank will have guppies, one betta, a small group of otocinclus a reticulated hillstream loach and 2-3 nerite snails. I don't plan on using CO2...
  4. How many pounds pool filter sand for 50 gallon planted tank

    Thanks for the advice
  5. How many pounds pool filter sand for 50 gallon planted tank

    Hello all - I am starting a new 50 gallon planted tank and have never used pool filter sand as a substrate. How many pounds pool filter sand for 50 gallon planted tank? Thank you for your interest!
  6. Help .... Pregnant Or Bloated Swordtail

    She looks pregnant. What water temperature is the tank currently? Depending on the temperature, she should drop fry in about 30 days. If this condition has been going on longer than that, you may want to try a limited time salt (sodium chloride) bath to your tank. Keep in mind that your live...
  7. Question Opinions On Sera Vipan Nature Tropical Flakes

    I try to feed my fish with a wide variety of foods including NLS, Bug Bites, Hikari Fancy Guppy etc. I am considering adding Sera Vipan Nature Tropical flakes as I've heard good things about this food. What do you all think about this food in particular?
  8. Homemade Gel Food

    Okay - I whipped up a batch of gel food, primarily for my snails, but maybe for my guppies as well. My recipe: 1 4 ounces jar of baby food (pears, kale and spinach 2 tablespoons calcium carbonate 1 teaspoon Tetramin 1 teaspoon TetraColor 1 teaspoon NLS small fish formula 1 teaspoon Omega 1 fry...
  9. Question Calcium, Magnesium And Zinc In Snello

    I only have calcium. magnesium and zinc tablets on hand. Are they okay to use in my home-made snello, or should I buy straight calcium carbonate powder?
  10. Question Is My 36 Gal Tank Overstocked?

    In addition to water parameters and water change schedule, what kind of filtration do you have and do you have any live plants?
  11. Question Tannins And Guppies

    The buzz on the Internet is tannins. I don’t know if tannins are useful when raising guppies. My water from the tap is at 8.4 pH and very hard. This has proven ideal for my guppy’s, but I hear and read about the usefulness of tannins. I’m concerned about tannins reducing my pH out of the ideal...
  12. Miraclegro Dry Fert

    Thanks that just what I needed to know. I’be been keeping fish for almost 50 years, but have been keeping a fully planted tank(s) for less than a year. I will check to see where I am in the cycle in a few weeks (before I add fish). The pond is relatively small at a little less than 400 gallons...
  13. Miraclegro Dry Fert

    Hi all- I’ Used Miraclegro general purpose dry fert on my terrestrial plants for years. I am setting up a small tropical pond in my backyard to breed and grow out some guppies. I plan on using water lettuce and other water column feeders. I just put the water in a few days ago and on a whim, I...
  14. Otocinclus Or Corydoras Catfish

    I always use snails for scavenging because of their light bio-loads. Use a few Nerites to control the population and hope the betta leaves them alone. What are your water parameters?
  15. Otocinclus Or Corydoras Catfish

    I would go with at least 6 otos and skip the corys. If you can find some with round belly’s and normal appearing poop. Remove the seeds from a zucchini, blanch it and leave it in the tank till it gets very mushy (about 3 days). Keep enough plants to keep your nitrates at 30 ppm or less and you...

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