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    Need help on a Total rescape of my 10 G

    Second method does feel quite risky. In terms of recycling im gonna do what i did when i had to switch filters on this tank and i went from cartridges to an ac 30 setup. All I did was transferred a very small amt of the poly from the cartridge. Then i added a ton of frtiz zyme 7. This stuff...
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    Need help on a Total rescape of my 10 G

    Hey guys! So ive been doing some thinking and I've been wanting to rescape by 10 G tank Backstory: (Skip down to see my question) At the beginning of this tank I started off with regular non-nutrient substrate. That being said the amount of substrate I put wasn't enough (I was a beginner to...
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    Reputable breeders?

    Aquahuna and Coast Gem USA are two really good ones for bettas IMO
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    Betta Mahachai pair or just male

    Hey guys, So since my centerpiece fish died recently and I am really interested in getting back into wild bettas, I have some plans to get a Betta Mahachai. My current stocking in a 10 gallon, 7 CPD's, 4 Endlers, 4 Hillstream Loaches, an African Dwarf frogs, temporary 3 corydoras (not the same...
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    Which Honey Gourami should go :(

    In terms of too many fish in a small space, the dynamic doesn't seem like that. Also if you looked at my tank species list from my profile, that list is pretty outdated and many changes have been made. I seem to be in the deciding phase of getting either a pair of wild betta fish, or just a...
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    20 Gallon Tank Monte Carlo Substrate

    I would layer aquasoil (something like UNS Controsoil, ADA Amazonia, Fluval Stratum, Tropica's substrate). The UNS controsoil imo is the best especially for monte carlo. And it's very simple easy and not messy to put in your already established tank
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    Which Honey Gourami should go :(

    So i returned the dominant one and about 2 weeks later the non dominant one died with no disease or threat from other fish observed. yeah....whoops Anyways, I am planning on getting a Wild Betta Pair
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    Can I keep a Hillstream loach in my tank?

    Yeah 85 is very high but i guess it worked out (still def would not recommend that). Yeah my butterfly changes color to and it's really cool. One of my psuedogastrozymns used to be a big fat boss and would chase everyone but now he's chill Also quick question, does your peacock gudegon and...
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    Can I keep a Hillstream loach in my tank?

    I'd say go for it! My one thing is is that with hillstream loaches the oxygenation is actually not really an issue (in fact for the days that I forget to do water top offs to keep the filter flow at the top they continue to thrive) I think for these guys temp is important. 78 is a little on...
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    Neon Tetra pimple?

    Hi there! So first off the fish in the photo is actually called a Skirt Tetra and since its a glofish it would be a glofish skirt tetra. It looks like either bloat, dropsy, or swim bladder disorder. Is your fish showing any other symptoms.
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    What kind of shrimp?

    Could be a cull of a Chocolate Neocardina shrimp or just a cull of the blues
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    Brown spots on pothos

    This just happens to pothos leaves as a regular thing. Evantually it goes away and usually isn't a common worry unless they die back more
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    7.5 gallon tank care

    Yeah neocardinas are definitely less sensitive, but i would stick with the plan i stated above
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    Red cherry shrimp without bio filter and sponge filter

    Sponge filter is a great choice for just a RCS tank. If you want live plants i would do nutrient substrate. Inert substrate also works, and if you don't want plants, then barebottom is fine to. Heater wise it depends, on your current house room temp. RCS can go pretty high and very low, but for...
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    7.5 gallon tank care

    Actually i messed up from my previous post. Instead of that, I would do small 15-20% WC's every week. This should help keep parameters clean while not swinging the parameters too much for your shrimp (Also what are your Kh, Gh, and Ph numbers) (and are we talking neocardina, amanos, bamboo...
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