List any water conditioners and test kits used:
Seachem Neutral Regulator
Seachem Flourish
API Tap water conditioner
1 year
Do you know about the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle?
Aquarium Size
10 gallon
Aquarium Type
Freshwater Planted Tank
Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
1 Male Delta Tail Betta, 1 Zebra Nerite Snail

Hornwort, Pennywort, Marimo Moss balls, Java Moss.
Aquarium Start Date
summer 2016
Aquarium Filter Type
Aquarium #2 Size
20 long
Tank #2 Type
Freshwater Planted Tank
Tank #2 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
Anubias, pennywort, java fern, hornwort, marimo moss balls, red ludwigia, water wisteria,
3 Cobra Endler Guppies
1 Orchid Endler
1 Blue Star Endler.
3 Lyre-tail Guppies
1 Tiger Nerite Snail
2 Red cherry shrimp
10 Ghost Shrimp
Tank #2 Start Date
April 2017
Tank #2 Temperature
78 F
Tank #2 pH
Tank #2 Lighting
T8, 17 Watt


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