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    Dog Photos

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    Endlers Livebearer Photos

    Pretty sure this guy also brought in half black bodies as well.
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    Dog Photos

    Wife bought him a new sweater. I think she’s reminding me that I need to get into the woods and see what treasures are out there.
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    40 gallon breeder stocking

    Are we talking 18 guppies or 18 piranha here?
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    Breeding bloodworm tips?

    I had read the same thing (re: marine water) however, that’s just not the case. A bucket of water left in the shade near a garden / bushes etc… with some detritus (leaf, needles, etc…) on the bottom is all you need. Just disturb the layer of detritus (what they feed on) and net / siphon out the...
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    How cold is too cold for guppies?

    Good, I had set up another tub in the laundry room back in Sept and started moving them then. Left a half dozen in to see how long I could leave them outside. Only had the one left as of last week. Brought her inside (juvenile female) since I doubt she would have lasted longer with midday water...
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    How cold is too cold for guppies?

    I had a couple still zipping around after a week of daytime water temps in the mid fifties. We had been getting mid 40’s air temp over night for a couple weeks. Do you have a new home set up for them?
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    Pregnant guppy?

    Unless you’re specifically buying virgin females, assume she’s pregnant. He may be the father, maybe not. If she was kept with males at any point any fry could have any number of fathers.
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    What’s up with my guppy

    Unless showing signs, no. She’s a potential carrier of the gene though so you’d want to avoid breeding.
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    Guppy gave birth and now hiding

    If they were with a male, they’re likely pregnant. They get right to work. Exception: The three fancy guppies in my Endler tank. Probably gonna have to move my other girls to the spa for a few weeks. Best way to keep the babies safe is hiding places. Large gravel piled around the tank in small...
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    Guppy gave birth and now hiding

    Weelll With three more females lol Good chance you’re gonna have more babies. They can hold off pregnancies for months after mating and choose when to fertilize their eggs. That’s how I ended up with Endlers. 5 guppy females and a male turned out to be 4 female guppies and 1 female Endler...
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    What’s up with my guppy

    Scoliosis, probably. Genetic, not treatable to my knowledge. She’ll need to be euthanized (when she is ready) or will slowly die. Edit: Has she given birth? If so, the offspring are likely carriers of the defect and may show it later on. Best bet is better quality stock when she eventually...
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    Very Odd Guppy Birth

    Eggs? At the bottom of the tank? I assume unneeded eggs would be absorbed back, not effectively thrown away. That’s a huge source of minerals, proteins etc…. Are you sure there are eggs on the bottom of the tank and it’s not just detritus or perhaps stillborn fry? The bodies are fairly opaque...
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    Guppy gave birth and now hiding

    Start with quality stock, keep em in ideal conditions and that’s just not a thing. My Endler / Guppies (I keep both, they readily hybridize. Endlers are basically the Neanderthal to Guppies if Guppies are Sapiens) survive conditions that they just shouldn’t. I’ve had an outdoor pond all summer...
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