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    My betta won't stop swimming till it's out of breath

    Its just her in the tank and i didnt turn on any lights so she can calm down. I did add water conditioner and a indian almond leaf and she cant see other bettas. I do the same with the others but shes just built different Sorry I meant the ammonia and nitrites are 0
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    My betta won't stop swimming till it's out of breath

    I recently got my fifth betta fish out of six, however this one seems to have a problem. It's a koi that won't stop swimming against the glass (glass surfing) although i had her for about a week now. I got another betta today but shes more calm than the koi. My other 4 bettas are all relaxed but...
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    Picky eating betta - won't eat pellets

    I got a betta recently but he's a picky eater. I tried feeding him pellets and freeze dried blood worms but it didn't work out the first day. I tried soaking the blood worms and he ate 2 of them. He got better at recognizing the pellets but he still won't eat them. (He'd put it in his mouth and...
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    Betta clamping pec fin?

    I just found a small pin hole in her pec fin so that's most likely the reason I took out one of the ornaments that probably made a hole in her fin so she should be fine for now (dont mind the floating anubias, I had to take the decoration out and it was on it)
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    Betta clamping pec fin?

    I moved my betta to a 5 gallon recently and shes seems fine except she won't use one of her pectoral fins. She uses it sometimes but won't use it most of the time. Its not damaged or anything, she doesn't have any diseases or anything, and she eats fine but she just won't use her fin which is...
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    Betta fish tank mates for 5 gallon?

    HI I recently got a 5 gallon tank for my female betta who is really calm and isn't really aggressive. The tank is big for her so I'm getting some plants for her and substrate, but my parents want some tank mates (particularly fish which is the problem since someone has a shellfish allergy and my...
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