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    15 Gallon Stocking Ideas?

    If any varieties of dwarf cichlids are available locally, they sound like they would suite your tastes and could be housed in your 15 gallon aquarium. Availability might be a problem, however. Sparkling gouramis are a great suggestion. Honey gouramis might work. I wouldn't keep cichlids and...
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    5 Gallon Stocking Ideas?

    I can confirm that I've had positive experiences of keeping nerites on sand, as well as alongside bettas. For a 5 gallon aquarium; I'd argue a solitary fish is a safer bet than a school. A betta would be readily available. You would be poorly advised to keep any other fish with that betta...
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    Is Rescuing Fish From An Lfs The Right Way?

    This has been a really interesting discussion so far. This point is important, I think. When somebody purchases a fish from bad conditions in a shop, to place them in better aquaria, there is indeed an individual 'rescue' narrative. The life of that individual fish has doubtless been...
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    The Blunders Of A Returning Aquarist

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with adding albino cories. I'm interested that you didn't see much difference in behaviour after adding more. Mine are fairly inactive this morning; the pattern so far seems to be more activity around the evening. It's hard to say whether adding more would make...
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    The Blunders Of A Returning Aquarist

    Thanks for your reply mattgirl. I certainly have become more open to setups involving bettas in communities, but at this point in the tank's story, this point has become purely academic. The state of play on Thursday morning sees four completely different fishes in the tank than we had on...
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    The Blunders Of A Returning Aquarist

    Thank yous Thank you everybody very much for your replies, kind welcomes and compliments. I remember this forum for friendly, gentle advice and it has not changed. Your replies confirm many of my suspicions. In general reply - I still have three tanks, stored at my parent's house... Which I...
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    The Blunders Of A Returning Aquarist

    Hello again... UPDATE: SEE POST #17 It has been five years since my last FishLore post and since I dismantled my aquaria before leaving for university. Having now graduated and with a lot of free time on my hands, I've finally returned to the hobby. Although I'd previously considered myself a...
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    i have a new 20 gallon tank

    I see. Sounds like you are sorted then!
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    Question Tank raised vs. wild caught

    Now, I am no expert on the import of Pygmy corys but I would like to share some info I have read on the import of Cardinal Tetras. These are wild caught in vast quantities from Brazil, but because they are an abundant annual species wild stocks are healthy. Because people are reliant on the...
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    Thoughts on my 48gal Stocklist

    I read max size was 3cm, musta been wrong. As they are a bit bigger I would be less worried about potential snacking! Certainly an option, although the same could be said for literally any of the small schooling species available because they are all practically identical in terms of care. That...
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    Thoughts on my 48gal Stocklist

    Unfortunately Pencilfish are something of a rarity in my area, and I wouldn't feel comfortable keeping a 3cm fish with my big Angel. Coral reds are something I really want to keep in a nano tank sometime though.
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    29 gal community tank

    Rams can live for a long time, they are just sensitive. So long as you are vigilant with the water quality you should be fine. Your stocklist looks good, if I were to make any additions I would suggest a few extra corys. This isn't really necessary though because you already have a few (so...
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    36 Gallon Stock Finalized (?)

    One issue you might have with the Ottos is that they are a shoaling species, so keeping just 2 is far from ideal. Most dwarf plecos have similar care requirements so you should be OK with that - just make sure you research if first and be prepared to shell out a bit because the 'fancier'...
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    How much more can i keep in my tank?

    I don't see why multiple Dwarf Plecos is an issue, they can be a little territorial with others but not to the point it causes issues. It should be noted that the Rubberlip pleco is a hillstream species though, and requires a very specific setup which normal community fish like Barbs or BNs...
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    i have a new 20 gallon tank

    I would be wary of keeping male and female guppies together in such a tank because there are very few fish to eat any babies and you could quickly get overstocked. I would also add that most of the fish will be swimming on the bottom layer, with only the guppies using the upper tank. I would...

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