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  1. Something Wrong With Peacock Cichlid!

    Interesting, can it spread to other fish? I'm unfamiliar with this disease. Will it eventually kill him? Ironically, he seems to act healthier than ever.
  2. Something Wrong With Peacock Cichlid!

    Hey everyone, As stated in the title, one of my cichlids has something abnormal going on and I'd like some advice on how to fix it. It seems that he has a white "blotch" on the top of his head near the dorsal fin that may be destroying tissue :nailbiting:. Funny thing is, is that he behaves...
  3. Converting 20 Gallon Hex

    I understand the humidity aspect of soil but I would imagine it would be exponentially more difficult to clean than tile? I've also read instances where soil begins to give off an unpleasant odor over time due to the presence of organic matter.
  4. Converting 20 Gallon Hex

    Why would having tile make the humidity hard to maintain? I figured if I could just mist whatever plants I decide to put in the tank as well as mist the walls to manage humidity. What kind of light do you use? There's so much variety out there!
  5. Converting 20 Gallon Hex

    Alright so long story short, I now know why people don't like hex tanks when compared to normal rectangular tanks :dead:. After I re-homed my angels I considered trying a crayfish or maybe a couple of African Clawed frogs but I think I want to give reptiles a shot. My tank dimensions are: 21"...
  6. Removing Copper From Water?

    The fertilizer I'm using is actually Flourish not Excel, my bad. :dead:
  7. Removing Copper From Water?

    Should I replace the carbon bags that I'm throwing out or just replace them with extra media?
  8. Removing Copper From Water?

    Hey everyone, So I've recently gone back to live plants but cannot afford a co2 system at the moment so I've been using Seachem Flourish as a supplement. Now ever since I started using this fertilizer some strange things have been happening and the only factor I can connect this behavior to...
  9. Giving Plants Another Shot

    Thanks! Can I use excel along with root tabs or would that be overkill?
  10. Giving Plants Another Shot

    What kind of co2 can I use then? I thought with tanks as big as mine would render anything other than pressurized co2 useless? I took a look at seachem excel and flourish but I don't know anything about this kinda stuff :dead: I checked out bamaplants but they don't seem to have many of the...
  11. Giving Plants Another Shot

    The only co2/fertilizer I'd be willing to use would be root tabs by Seachem. They seem easy and hassle free but deliver results.
  12. Giving Plants Another Shot

    Hey Everyone, I haven't tried plants in a few years due to them completely messing up my 55 gallon and burning a hole through my wallet, but I think I'm ready to give it another try. I have a few questions to ask before I actually make any purchases. 1) I was planning on using a Finnex...
  13. 55 Gallon Re-stocking 2.0

    I was hoping for sources to buy from unfortunately. My local petsmart has very poor options to choose from and my local aquarium store is quite expensive.
  14. 55 Gallon Re-stocking 2.0

    I did some reading about Victorians and they do sound quite interesting. Can you give me some good/reliable sources so I can look at prices? -Thanks
  15. 55 Gallon Re-stocking 2.0

    From what I've read about haps is that they get slightly larger than peacocks and are equally as aggressive; granted I've never kept either so my opinion is kinda irrelevant.

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