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    Whats the best reverse osmosis filter?

    do you have a local fish store nearby? Those often sell jugs of RO for a fair price, and it's a good option if you don't need that much RO every week
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    Snail breeding , not having much luck

    Filthy tanks are feasts for snails. Don't let the water quality turn downright toxic, but give them as much food as possible. I don't mean just overfeed fish food, but also crank up the lights, and add things like leaf litter and driftwood. Heck, maybe even put it in direct sunlight. Make it so...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    They're small enough for my badis and pea puffer to eat so yes. Yes, they're called white worms. Like I said, they're easy enough to find online. Though baby brine shrimp are a tried-and-true option, even if hatching them is messy and annoying.
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    Benefits of live plants for a small tank?

    - Looks pretty when the plants are healthy. - Promotes a population of microfauna, which small fish love to eat. Also grows biofilm, which many fish and shrimp eat. - Absorbs nitrogen waste directly from the environment, which makes the water quality much more stable. - Almost essential for...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    I feed mine white worms. They're easy to keep, relatively odorless, and don't tend to carry pathogens. They're easy enough to find on Ebay for a good price.
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    Fishkeeping game I always wanted to dev.

    YES. PLEASE. ... ahem. I mean, an aquarium-keeping simulator honestly sounds like an amazing idea. There are SO many critters I want to keep and scapes I want to build, but there's just not enough time, space, or money. Having a game that could, to some degree, show what it's like to keep...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    For my 10g, I removed subwassertang, some java ferns that weren't doing so great, and most of the duckweed. The first two were relocated to the 29g while the duckweed was trashed. Scraped some really stubborn green algae off the glass since all my other scrubbers didn't work. I'm thinking I...
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    RCS issues lead to discovery of another possible problem

    If there's no evidence of any other issues, then it's most likely an ammonia problem. You're right that pure RO lacks the minerals that shrimp need to survive. However, you can re-mineralize RO with products such as Seachem Equilibrium. I've used nothing but Equilibrium and RO for my shrimp...
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    How to keep water wisteria grounded

    Yeah, I'd guess this was the result of the plant being unhappy for whatever reason, literally uprooting itself to float off to greener pastures. I just wasn't sure if it was because nutrients, light, or both equally.
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    Good stocking ideas for 10 Gal Walstad?

    In terms of gouramis, sparklers or honeys are probably your best option. Dwarves are larger and could eat the shrimp more easily, and they're extremely prone to disease. I'd do either a single or a pair of honeys, or 2-4 sparklers. If you're willing to grow live foods, a scarlet badis would be...
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    Subwassertang growing help

    I've found that subwassertang is a very passive grower. Once it finds a nice spot, it'll just stay there and grow into a denser, larger clump without spreading out very much. If you want it to spread, you'll have to harvest the new growth and place it around the tank by hand. Just gently...
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    How to keep water wisteria grounded

    I've never had trouble keeping water wisteria alive, just not in the shape I'd prefer. It has a tendency to grow up tall before roots start growing out of the middle, the lower half decays, and the upper half ends up detaching and turning into a floating plant. How can I prevent this from...
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    I want to improve my cleaning crew

    Amanos are quite large and can deal with more nippy fish. I wouldn't get mollies anyways, they get pretty large and you'd run the risk of aggression or overpopulation.
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    How to get into the fish industry with 25k?

    The last thing I want to do is turn something that I do to relax and unwind into a life-consuming anxiety ball. If I had to use that money to make more money, I'd put it into growing plants and breeding fish. Things like peacock gudgeon, pea puffers, hillstream loaches, and any kind of shrimp...
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    My new 10 gallon shrimp tank build

    If you want a cheap as heck hardscape option that can still look neat, get some terra cotta pots, smash them up, and arrange the fragments in a neat way. It's especially inexpensive if you get broken pots that a store has on clearance. Since the pots are made of clay, plants like java moss or...
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