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    Comment by 'binkbenji' in media 'Spotted Blue-Eyed Gertrudes'

    These are beautiful, how did you get on with them since?
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    Fresh Start Up Ideas

    Thanks! I hadn’t even thought about things eating the shrimp! Do you have any favourite endlers? And do you have any thoughts on guppy endler hybrids? nk
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    Fresh Start Up Ideas

    I broke down my 55 gallon coldwater aquarium about two years ago and my boyfriend and I have decided it’s time to have a tank in our lives again. This time I want to try my hand at aquascaping seriously. I grew some plants before with relative success but my loaches and goldfish would ruin my success...
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    Aquascaping for goldfish?

    Most people say don't put live plants in with goldfish but I've always kept them with plants. I just either use hardy species or accept that they will destroy delicate plants. They enjoy it, so why not! I don't know if sand is "wrong" but I've always kept them on gravel (mixed size) and they...
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    Need a name for my new baby!

    This is my new companion for my shubunkin. He needs a name!! Pretty sure my shubunkin has been sexed correctly as a female, her name is Dolly. I love sarasa comets and so picked this lil guy up at the store as no one seemed to be rehoming goldfish at the size I needed, think it's a male...
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    My guys...

    I keep hillstream loaches with comets which are fast enough to cope with the flow rates required for the loaches. I don't think fancy goldfish would manage though, I'd forsee them getting blown all round the tank.
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    Hillstream Loach Suitability?

    I've kept hill streams and goldfish together for 8 years or more but I keep comets so they prefer the fast flow. I run two spray bars and have the two intakes at the other end, two long airstones run down the length of the tank. My first lot of loaches did die before I made these adjustments but...
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    Water problems

    what models are the canister and undergravel filters and do you clean the media in tank water or tap water?
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    Lossing all my fish. Help!!!

    Did you add the 6 new fish at the same time? It could be a parameter spike if you did
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    Petco told me....

    Are you cleaning the filter in tap water? Also, how much water are you taking out each time you clean? Ammonia should be 0... and it should be settled way before two months time.
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    Water problems

    Wow... I'd do like a 50% water change straight away, wait 30-60 mins and test again. Looks like your tank has started cycling again at some point.
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    What should I do with my tank?

    Ah I thought I had that in there! Of course I'd miss the most vital bit of info! It's a 55 gallon (200L)
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    What should I do with my tank?

    I haven't posted in ages. I rehomed basically all my fish and left myself with my two smallest goldfish a while ago. I haven't had a job because I've been studying so I didn't do anything with them and I ended up with "Old Tank Syndrome" and one of my pair died. I've started revamping the...
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    Should I replace the filter that came with the tank

    It looks like a plain sponge filter, try one of the tetra tec external filters.. I know they are more expensive but they have more filter media and it allows more bacteria to grow - in turn helping break down more ammonia. You'll see the benefit of one of these external filters immediately. They...

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