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    Question Aeration

    If you aren't adding CO2 and have plants, they can consume the available CO2. Aeration, will help to keep CO2 levels up.
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    What is wrong with my amazon sword?

    What is your substrate? I haven't had any luck with the large swords unless they were potted with soil.
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    Help Should I be worried about cracks in the plastic frame of my 10 gal?

    What you have are shrinkage cracks. This isn't uncommon, and really of little importance. The trim will not collapse, and depending on the glass thickness, the trim might be necessary. Regardless, be sure the tank is on a flat surface and level so that there isn't any twisting of the tank.
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    Question How do you repair a center brace?

    One thing you can do is trade the top trim with the bottom. is a link to a site that makes/sells tank trim.Broken center braces seem to be a common occurrence with 55s. Perhaps it seems that way because of the numbers of them out there.
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    Question Simulating seasons in an aquarium?

    Even in the places our fish originate from there are widely different climates. The Amazon basin has a wet and a dry season. Areas of Costa Rica have multiple wet and dry times, with the water on some rivers rising 30 feet in a day, dropping and then doing it again a short while later. The Rift...
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    Can I mix the ammo chip with activated carbon?

    I would use neither the carbon nor the ammo chips. Neither are needed in a filter that has bio media.
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    need help with filter please

    Why would you want to do that? While the sponge will harbor nitrifying bacteria, the Cirax is there specifically for that purpose. Probably most of the bilogical filtration will be handled by the Cirax.
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    Getting Ammonia and nitrate levels

    If your tap water has chloramine, it will show ammonia right after a water change. You really can't change too much water. Anyone who makes a statement that "you should not do a water change more than once a month" doesn't know what they are talking about. Every tank is different, so, to make an...
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    midas or red devil

    The labiatus is a different fish, although closely relatated. The large lips of the labiatus give it away, and this fish doesn't have them nor has any Red Devil I have ever seen. This is a good example of why we need to use Latin names, as the common can be confusing. if you do a google search...
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    Filter Question

    This made me curious so I checked Petsmart and they show the AC as such. You may be right in your guess as to what is happening. It is possible that Petsmart is driving the packaging or it may be in a trial stage. I now see the Fluval AC, although the 110 isn't and is at a reduced price. Perhaps...
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    Filter Question

    Interesting. The Hagen site has them separate. Perhaps the site is out of date. I would think that having them carry the Fluval brand would confuse them with the vastly different line of Fluval filters.
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    midas or red devil

    Midas and Red Devil are the same fish, Amphilophus citrinellus. The nuchal hump would indicate it is a male.
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    Filter Question

    Actually, AC filters are not rebranded as Fluval, according to the Hagen site. Regardless, the foam inserts will last for many years with regular cleaning. It is not true that the bio rings are the main site for nitrifying bacteria. The sponge inserts are an equally important part of the...
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    How often should i clean my my filters?

    If the filter has been running for two months, now would be a good time to open and clean it. Determine from the amount of gunk that comes out if you should do it more often. In my view, storing gunk in a cannister is no different than not cleaning the tank.
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    Pregnant guppy has a sack stuck in her birth canal.

    While a stressed guppy can expel an unhatched egg, fry usually come out first.

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