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    Do bettas like having tank mates?

    Really depends on each individual betta. My current one doesn't seem to mind having tank mates, as long as he can hide away whenever he wants. But he is also not the most agressive betta around, either. I do think some bettas like having a tankmate or two to at least watch, though. Or steal food...
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    What's the next fish you're getting?

    Had some pretty big ones at the LFS the other day. Well, the next fish ended up being a rabbit still need to fill out my schools of black phantoms and penguin tetras.
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    Can juvenile angelfish live without air pump?

    If you have a HOB filter, that might provide enough surface agitation, depending how many juveniles you have. I always feel that overkill is always better, though.
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    Help! Fin rot medication for betta

    Daily, small water changes only has worked well for me. Some people use aquarium salt with that, too.
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    Worrying about my scarlet badis

    Also coral feeders can work as well.
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    40 Gallon Tank Black Molly mom offspring all have silver bellies?

    I seem to remember years ago when we had some black mollies, that there was some silver on the bellies of their babies. Don't remember for certain though.
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    I'm o-fish-ially a broke fishservant

    "Hi, my name is JustAFishServant, and i am a fish addict."
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    Stocking my 20 gallon aquarium

    I know i have seen my danios nip at each others fins. Havent noticed them going after my other fish.
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    One white spot on a platy--not responding to ich treatment?

    Yeah, we had a big ich outbreak amongst our platies a few years ago so we always on the lookout for it and ich-x stays in my cabinet at all times....
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    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Chilly, damp day, so i think the menu tonight will include grilled pork steak and stuffing!
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    Stocking my 20 gallon aquarium

    Could maybe have some cories on the bottom. Don't know about 2 dwarf gourami's as they can be rather aggressive, but beyond that, should be do-able.
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    Albino Corydoras surprised me with eggs

    Can't tell if they are fertile myself, but if you want to try raising fry, i would put the eggs in a tank of their own so they eggs/fry don't get ate by whatever chooses to eat them. Even a breeder box in the tank may work.
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    Nerite won't come out of water anymore?

    Mine come up above the water line but i don't know how often. I only know they do because i often see them on the lid when i do water changes. If it still moving, it is probably fine.
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    Not sure how to tell if mystery snail or boy or girl?

    I think the only way to be sure is you have to pull them out of the tank and angle them so most of their body comes out, because it is up there a ways under the front of the shell. Granted i don't know exactly what to look for anymore and never bither sexing any of my snails...but there is a few...
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    Oh to be a cat

    I think we were expecting him to grow out of absolute dumb doofus stage...still hasn't happened!
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