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    Reducing Very High Nitrate Levels

    When you do your water changes, do you take the sponge filter out and swish it around in old tank water? You'd be amazed at what comes out. I think that's probably where your nitrates are "hiding". If you're already doing that, then you might want to consider adding a second type of filter that...
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    Dither For Rams

    I think I'll go with the rummies. Thanks everyone!
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    Dither For Rams

    Hello! I'm looking for a new dither species for my german blue rams. Can anyone suggest a small schooling fish that would be comfortable at 28°C (82~83F), in soft to moderately hard water and acidic to neutral pH?
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    African Cichlids

    Thanks for the advice! I could try splitting the group into two tanks, one with the mbunas and livingstoniI and one with the OB peacocks and the not-sure-if-rubescens-or-acei? Or would it be best to not rock the boat since they seem to be getting along for now? In separate tanks they would have...
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    African Cichlids

    Someone traded me a bunch of African cichlids in exchange for other stuff, and now I've got this community of fish that probably shouldn't be kept together. Could you help me identify them so that I can figure out which ones can be grouped? I usually only keep American cichlids, I have no...
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    Tankmates For Juvenile Fuellerborn's Cichlid?

    I was sold a fuellerborn's cichlid by mistake. He's a gorgeous boy, about 2.5", but space is my shop is at a premium, so I'd like to pair him up with another species. Can you help me choose the best short term tank mates for him (for the next 2-3 months) among the following cichlids (all...
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    Infusoria - Can You Rescue A Failed Batch

    My bad, I read "USB microscope" and got too excited to read the rest : P <-- shameless nerd
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    Is It Normal For Guppy To Rest Near Surface

    Hanging out near the surface is normal. Resting on a platform as shown in your picture is not.
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    Think I'm Obsessed With Filtration. Any Other Suggestions

    Obsessing over filtration is what separates the hobbyists from the beginners
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    Infusoria - Can You Rescue A Failed Batch

    Would you happen to have a link to said USB miscroscope? :O
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    Buffer With Low Kh

    This is a pretty random question, but I'm making an aquarium problem-solving chart, and I realized I don't know the answer to this specific problem: how do you buffer pH when keeping species with low KH requirements? [edit] The specific problem here would be pH swings, rather than chronically...
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    Zebra Danio Bloated And Covered In White Hooks/spikes

    It's dropsy. The "spikes" you see are the fish's scales lifting up due to the cells under it filling up with fluid. Dropsy is a sign of kidney failure, typically following some kind of infection. The fish is no longer able to regulate osmosis, so it's absorbing aquarium water like a sponge. It's...
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    Guppy Lying On Bottom

    Was that previous diagnosis confirmed by a vet?
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    Guppy Lying On Bottom

    Oh sorry, I skipped over the word "tank" in your first sentence! Kinda put a different spin on the situation. Still, TB is one of those troublesome issues that can go either the acute or chronic route. Back when I battled it, I'd lose fish at a rate of one per month and a half... so annoying...
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    Guppy Lying On Bottom

    Fish who survived a TB outbreak can definitely transmit it to new arrivals, and affected fish don't necessarily show the crooked spine, even though it's one of the possible symptoms. A vet could tell you for sure (PCR assays are probably not that expensive?) Meanwhile I would keep an eye out for...
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