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    My Betta Smokey Passed Away

    Male bettas are typically about a year old when they are available for sale. I had one that passed this past July that was estimated to be almost 3 years old. I think it was just your guy's time.
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    Catching The Cherry Shrimp Disease

    Cobalt is bringing some Aquael products to North America. I've been asking about the Pat minI for a while. I use similar filters to the one shown in the OP. I have the output just below the surface: it's a lot quieter.
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    Sponge Vs Hob Vs Canister

    Another option is corner filters. I use Lee's Triple Flow corner filters in some of my tanks. Air powered with fine bubbles. Allows me to put seeded biomedia in them and use floss/bonded filter pad for mechanical filtration.
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    How Do You View Fishlore?

    Phone. It works ok for the most part. Weird word parsing or missing words that only show when quoted.
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    Filter Media Stacking Order

    You shouldn't need to change it out at all, unless it starts crumbling.
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    Will Power Outage Cause Canister Filter To Leak?

    If you're going for Fluval, wait for the 207. They've made some nice improvements to the 07 series. Did you mean Marineland C220?
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    Heater Explosion

    I like the old ones (Made in Italy). The new redesigned ones (red LED built into the temperature dial) are now made in China and have yet to prove themselves IMO.
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    Aquarium Lid

    Depending on how wide your tank is, the acrylic will sag. I have thin acrylic lids on 12 inch/30 cm cube tanks and the lids sag.
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    Filter Leaking

    Contact Petsmart. It's possibly a variation of one of the newer SunSun canister filters.
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    What Do You For Fun?

    Yep. Still quite popular around here. Also helps that I have a gym practically right outside my window.
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    Tetra Fish Food

    Also depends on what your fish will eat. I tried Omega One flakes, but none of my fish would eat it. Ended up feeding that to the assassin snails. My fish prefer Aqueon Tropical flakes (which has disappeared from the shelves here) and Cobalt Mysis Spirulina flakes. Northfin is coming our with...
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    What Do You For Fun?

    Freshwater aquariums, Geocaching, Pokemon Go, hiking, cycling.
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    Is This Algae Or Bacteria?

    No you can't (anymore). Health Canada banned the sale of over the counter animal antibiotics in December 2018.
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    Crushed Coral In Sponge Filter

    I just put it in a small unglazed terra cotta pot in my aquariums.
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    Help With Picking A New Filter

    I use a swiss tropicals 3 inch cube filter (sponge filter) as the sole filtration method in each of my 7.5 gallon cube tanks.
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