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    Tank pics

    You have gorgeous angels
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    Gold male/red female cambodian betta baby video

    They are soo sweet.. there is a miracle And by the way, please say my congrats to their dad and mom..
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    New betta

    He is really beautiful and looks so fit. Congrats
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    Cute breeding photo...

    Really cute photo , thanks for sharing.. Anyway, all of your bettas are amazing, so all of their photos, too.
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    Need Opinions!

    They are really great. I don't know about breeding, but I really want to see their babies Gorgeous bettas..
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    Need a Name

    He is a nice one.. He has blue and black color, like the "sky".. Maybe you can think the name Sky for him.
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    Halfmoon or delta tail?

    Congrats, RedRum II is so beautiful.. I think, he is a delta tail -maybe a super delta-.
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    Please help! I want to cry!!

    Maybe you can use some dividers.
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    5.5 planted- meet Cowboy!

    I love your boy , and your tank seems very nice, congrats
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    Couldn't Pass This One Up!

    Congrats! He is so hansome and gorgeous.. He reminds me the ocean If you haven't named him yet, maybe you can think the name "ocean"
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