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    Random Thoughts Continued

    0.0 Why I'm only interested in garter snakes... I don't want dead mice next to my ice cream...
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    August 2021 Fish/Plant/Invert/Coral of the Month

    Skye, my Dwarf Gourami that passed away from DGD, sadly. Miss you, little guy
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    47 gallon tank stocking questions

    Hi! Uhhh so, this is my 47gal/177liter tank Stocking: 3 bloodfin tetra, 10+ silvertip tetras, 4 golden mystery snails, and some mystery snail babies. So, my "question" is, what can I do for better stocking? I'm 100% getting more bloodfins, but what else? I really want cories or plecos...
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    Random Thoughts Continued

    did you know that lighter eyes, like blue and green, see lighter than darker colors, like brown and hazel? I'm posting on fishlore after a months break, not that anyone cares, tho
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    Oh to be a cat

    I wish i had a cat I'm a cat person, but the rest of my family are dog people, so no cats my mom said I might be able to get one in a few years if I pay for everything
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    What fish can I keep separately in a 10 gallon

    Lol not the OP, But I want one that’s not a betta or pea puffer (s) , none of my LPS have one
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    Sick mystery snails

    i think they were fighting over the female, bc a little while after i removed the other one, the 'mean' one started mating with the female (i don't mind, i don't need more snails, but i have a soft spot for them) i heard somewhere that cuttlebone or crushed oyster shells (the ones for...
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    Sick mystery snails

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? main tank: 47 gallons, hospital/emergency tank: 10 gallons How long has the tank been running? 47: 1 month without fish and 1 week with Does it have a filter? yes Does it have a heater? yes What is the water temperature? 75 degrees farenhight What is...
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    I was stupid, how does this sound for new stocking?

    The maximum of 10 degrees of general hardness makes the aquarium water beneficial for your Tetras. However, if your tank has a high form of water, the Tetras can adjust to medium-hard water. But it will be safe if you provide them soft water only. this is her ok yep, ik, but arn't they gonna...
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    I was stupid, how does this sound for new stocking?

    K, so, last week I went out to my LPS and got some of these guys: Bala Sharks... I had no idea they got up to 1'+ smh I'm taking them back on Thursday bc my tank is only 47 gallons current stocking: 10 silvertip tetras 1 BNP (I think, might be common) 3 bloodfin tetras l: 3 Bala Sharks l-...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    bleh, I have to take back some Bala sharks to the pet store and test the water, then rescue some tetras from my grandfather's guppy tank, and get some more tetras (my grandfather only has one Glowlight, 2 Buenos Aries, and two green Glo-tetras, housed with 20 guppies in a 40-gallon bow-front smh)
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    Mango, meet everyone. Everyone, Mango

    Everyone, meet Mango, my teen/young adult female BN pleco. she's the sweetest little thing and was giving kisses on her first day home. The only thing close to hiding she has done was eating alge behind a plant, so I wasted $25 USD on a hide smh. the only way to make her mad is if you eat her...
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    Random Thoughts

    page 100!
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    Random Thoughts

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    Random Thoughts

    yep! fair is like 'i went to the fair today' fare is like 'thats not fare!'
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