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  1. Some of the stupidest label warnings to consumers....

    lol, wow cant believe things have have come to that. On the back of a jar of peanuts: warning may contain peanuts! Really now, what in the word are peanuts doing in a jar of peanuts?
  2. Help cat-proofing closets

    I agree with you on that one darksol. Neither of my cats will forget things that easily. J. He doesnt really go after anything unless he knows its there, however knowing Jasper it wouldnt surprise me either. Im actually going to do both. If it doesnt work Ill have a back up plan, and having...
  3. Help cat-proofing closets

    Ok, I have a little problem(literally and figuretively). We have a 6-month old kitten who has a new favorite food, my shoe laces. My shoes are in a closet that is 2'x2'. So far I came up with two plans: a. put a door in to keep him out. Nothing big just enough to keep Jasper out. I have I...
  4. number of and tankmates/Pictus Cat Fish

    Ok, so Im restocking my 38g tank and so far I decided on pictus cats. what I gathered is I should be able to keep 2 based on this post. So far Im going with a brislenose and MTS as a pitcrew and to stir up the sand.Now to top it all off Im thinking of choosing a cichlid. Its down to angels and...
  5. Help Plecos Veggies

    Ok cool, both you and your aquarium info just said pleco so I thought I should ask.
  6. 20 Gallon Tank Running up and down the side of the tank?

    Does it look like she is sort of rubbing her nose along the glass? If so she might me bored, thats a common sign of boredom in fish. try adding some plants and caves ana such. Or it could be stress. Gouramis are aggressive towards members of they're own species and bettas are very similare...
  7. Help Plecos Veggies

    Hey Hershey, welcome to Fishlore. lettuce, cucumbers, and zucchini work great. Maybe even the odd spinach, leak, or kale. Cut the cukes into wedges and stick a spoon in it. Or simply buy a veggei clip and cut them into long, flat slices. By the way, is that a common pleco? If so it will out...
  8. 30 Gallon Tank Pictus catfish& what else

    Thanks for clearing that up about the pictus. Ive heard alot of contradictive answers about min. tank size and number of fish, ones enought for me. Thats also the other reason I decided against rapheals since they're both bottom dwellers. Im already considering fire mouths and angels but not...
  9. 30 Gallon Tank Pictus catfish& what else

    Long time no see guys, Ive been busy with school and a whole bunch of other stuff so I havent been able to stay up to date with fishlore. Anyway Im back to square one and need some ideas. I was thinking about rapheal catfish but I think we only have striped ones here. So Im going with Pictus...
  10. mollies and danios eating sinking pellets

    What you should do is drop half a pellet or algea wafer as a decoy then, when the mollies and danios start to eat it feed the cories and pleco. Thats what I did, but I had a mini feeding frenzy. Everything in my tank would eat the algea wafer, from danio to tiger barbs.
  11. Sand air stone?

    Thats what I thought too. You would think would fall apart. I never even heard of them.
  12. Sand air stone?

    Anyone use a sand air stone? I found one today, they're made from compressed sand. Are they any better than regular air stones?
  13. Question Oops!

    It may be a bit strange, but talc should do the trick. I cut my thumb making perches for my budgies and it works, problem was the only source of talc was baby powder.
  14. betta tank mates

    I would wait a while and watch him first. Try to get an idea of hs personality. Is he an aggresive eater hat will eat anything that hits the water, or is he calm and laid back. Then decide if tank mates are a good idea. Also, a good tank mate for most fish are Trumpet snails.
  15. infantryman's rules

    You sound like my friend Tristan. She used to call herself wg poptart.

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