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    Is My Betta Dying?

    I was required to bring him back to work where his tumor spread until it covered his whole back. He passed away a few months ago.
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    Betta Genetics Questions

    dt = double tail, recessive p = protruding fin rays (combtail), recessive b = bright (or blonde), dominant c = cambodian, recessive m = melano (black), recessive er = extended red, partially dominant vf = varigated fins (butterfly), recessive nr = non-red (yellow), recessive bl = blue, green or...
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    My Heart Is Breaking

    I have 5 girls in a 10 gallon and I personally think that's even pushing it.
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    My Heart Is Breaking

    In all honesty, I'm going to bring Neville back. I warned her that he would not make it. And I gave her reasons why he would not. If Neville dies and I pray he doesn't it will be on her. But I'm going to be telling my coworkers that I'm no longer running a fish hospital for all their Bettas...
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    My Heart Is Breaking

    Update: my work is now requiring me to bring back Neville and Bubbles. I informed them that they both would probably die if brought back into those conditions. Especially Neville because he has the rotted away dorsal fin and the tumor has formed in its place. I told my director that without a...
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    Awkward Betta Moments Captured

    I wish my Bettas would rest on the leaves or plants I have in their tanks, but nooooo I guess gravel is much more comfortable. At least Phoenix rests in a shot glass.
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    Awkward Betta Moments Captured

    One of my new ladies (Princess Peach) loves following the other lady (Moon) around. Well moon went into the cave in the tank and Princess Peach swam around EVERYWHERE looking in plants behind the filter and heater for Moon. Then Moon swam out of the cave and Peach swam up to Moon and started...
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    Princess Peach
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    Ms. Moon
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    The start of my sorority
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    Awkward Betta Moments Captured

    Back with Midnight shared a tank with some albino Corys he was like a babysitter to them. They'd constantly be spazzing out and swim into the pipe decor I kept in there. Well the Corys weren't the brightest crayons in the box and would forget how to get out and Midnight would go into the pipe...
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    Awkward Betta Moments Captured

    He's a handsome guy! Luka does that too from time to time. Whenever I add a new plant to his tank for some reason he must think he needs to inspect it with his whole face. Given that he is blind in one eye, but it's adorable. He'll suddenly just nose dive down into the plant. Oh and Rebel and...
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    Betta Transformations!

    Mr. Bubbles just in a few short weeks.
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    My Heart Is Breaking

    Bubbles was being a trip last night! I think he was trying to cheer me up, he kept rolling over then swam up and did a tail swish, then he swam a bit then rolled over again. Bettas truly are amazing little creatures and deserve all the love that they can get. I've been working as hard as I can...
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    Awkward Betta Moments Captured

    The other night Mars was being very possessive of the sunken ship decor in his tank. He was about to get a water change and he looked at me and went to his ship and just laid on it. Like "lady this is my ship! You do not touch my ship! You do not move my ship! Stay away!!!!"

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