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    Very Sick Beta Please Help!!!

    Tank size? And this isn't quite on the topic, but i'd suggest getting at least 4 more glofish. They're schooling fish.
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    New 65 Gal Stocking Help!

    I don't believe they want a flowerhorn- from what I know, they tend to not be too good in communities.
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    New 65 Gal Stocking Help!

    Most adult fish can survive a weekend without being fed!!
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    New 65 Gal Stocking Help!

    I would choose cardnals over neons, they look similar and are bigger and hardier, but I believe neons are still good! You could go with one big school or two smaller schools with two different species (I personally prefer only one schooling species) Also!! Center piece fish. Are you looking for...
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    New 65 Gal Stocking Help!

    A bristlenose pleco would certainly work! Is the office interested in tetras or other schooling fish?
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    Betta “bed” - Glass Planter

    Oh, that really does look great :00 Maybe I'll try it out someday.
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    Who Likes Or Doesn’'t Like Pitbulls

    My uncle has one- he's incredibly sweet. The only time he's aggressive is when he thinks my aunt or uncle are getting hurt, and even then all he does is stand up and bark (me and my uncle were playfighting, its how I know) He literally thinks he's one of the chickens, he'll walk with them and...
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    Help With Stocking

    Adf tend to not work well with bettas because of their eyesight, I would stick with shrimp and snails. Axolotles are best kept alone. Fish can nip at their gills and even get stuck in them. I'm not the best at stocking, so ill leave the 20 gal stocking to someone else.
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    Red On Ghost Shrimp Back

    Could you shpw an ?
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    Setting Up A 10 Gallon Planted Tank With Tetras

    Cardinal tetras need a 20 gallon minimum, and I believe that black neons do as well. Ember tetras would be good, as well as green neon tetras. A fish similar in personality would be chilI rasboras. Another option would be celestial danios. These fish would be comepletely fine with plants. Any...
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    Saving This Baby!

    Awe, that's sad. You'd think that they'd at least stop and think "hey. Maybe this is too big for them"
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    Saving This Baby!

    Oh gosh he does look awfully skinny- I hope he gets better in your care! I think that theyll change, even if its just by a little bit.
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    5.5 Gallon Stocking

    Ive heard that sparkling gouramI sometimes don't mix well with shrimp- some are just little hunters.
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    Life Expectancy Of Betta From Personal Experience?

    3-4 years is about right
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    Preparing A Betta Tank

    The tank isn't quite finished, I still need substrate and a few more plants, but... Heres Cinnabar! She was a bit of an impulse buy, I was trying to wait until the tank was done, but we went to petco to get dog food, my parents owe me at $60, and there she was. The stuff on the bottom is sand...
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