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    Betta In 5 1/2 Gal. Any Tips

    I have a male Betta in a 5 1/2 gallon tank. I'm wondering about changing out my Whisper PF 10 filter for an AquaClear 110 V. Any options? I want to change what goes in it, I don't like the media in the Whisper, like the setup in the AquaClear 110V, so I can add more. What do you think? I read...
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    Paranoid About Weight Of A 55g

    Good luck on your upgrade when the time comes. I also am worried about my tank. I just want to go up from a 5 1/2 to a 10 but I live in a mobile home. Fish tank will be in the same spot but now on a stand, not my dresser. (10 gal. ). Anyone else with a tank in a mobile home, would appreciate...
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    Help Me Find A New Hobby

    Try a pen pal from some place your interested in.
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    How To Feed A Betta

    I turn off filter, wiggle my finger with the food, get his attention and slowly drop the food. After 2 weeks of doing this he is usually right there waiting for the food when I come up to the tank. Sherlock is very tame and follows me like a puppy, always begging for anything. Maybe he's just a...
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    My New Betta

    Please post a picture in his new tank, I'd love to see it!
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    My New Betta

    Call him Theo, means gift from God, lol what a beauty!
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    Urgent Please Help Me. I'm Sat Here In Tears

    My deepest sympathy, I just got my first Betta and I know how I would feel. Hang in there.
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