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    Fx5 Needs Parts

    thanks guys it's all setup now the wait begins
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    Fx5 Needs Parts

    i have to replace the seal on the impeller motor unfortunately i can't get the seal here until thursday at the earliest will my fish survive if i leave the bio in the tank with and air pump and some water changes???
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    What has been your favorite Oscar Experience

    Mine was bubbles who passed away a while ago he would eat out of my hand and come atleast 3/4 of his body length ( was 16") out of water for food was awsome to show little kids
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    265 Gallon Planted Tank

    Wonderful tank ken you have me drooling!!! i want a super large tank like that it will just take time i have my two 125's to keep me busy till then!
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    Hello, newbie from Iowa

    nice to see another iowan on the board!!!! nice lookin setup
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    Help: Tiger Oscar Rescue

    your oscar will be shy and stuff since you just moved him oscars hate change and he just went through a huge one you can go here for more info on your oscar
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    my wife had some snails in our 55 gallon tank and it was pretty much over run with baby snails... my wife bought a fancy tail gold fish and it ate em all!! tank is pretty much snail free lol
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    What size tank for these fish?

    for me and this is just my opinion but i wouldn't go any smaller than 125 gallon for all three depending on wich pleco you ended up with no an oscar doesn't need a tank mate to be happy bare minimum would be 55 gallons but to make him comfy 75
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    Video from Lake Malawi (devious imposter fish)

    nice find!
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    How Do I Water Change

    hopefully i can help you a bit here 1 most water conditioners work instantly however just to be sure check the back of the bottle and it should tell you 2 i would probably leave it.. if it's not that dirty i wouldn't worry much about it 3 i really have no experience with it so i can't...
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    Oscar Questions -

    ok here we go 1. i aint so good at cel but i would go 26 to 28 2 for decor the oscars will let you know what they like and dislike lol i would stay away from anything that has sharp or pointy edges though 3 as long as the ph is stable they will do just fine 4 because of there size...
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    100 Gallon Tank Can piranhas be friends?

    if your friend doesn't have the time to take care of the fish he already has why is he adding more fish???? frankly if it were me i would tell him to either sell you the setup of you have the money or tell him to find somewhere else to keep it
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    Need advice on fixing my ammonia problem, did not cycle =(

    thats what i would do in this situation
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    125G Oscar tank

    Best of luck with that setup i really hope you can make it work.... only because your chances having your oscars pair up is probably scarce so you may have some aggression to deal with between those two... now your oscars should happen to pair off i feel really sorry for that dempsy cause its...
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    Question Tiger Oscars Help

    over seas overnight would be extremely expensive and from my research you just put a little heating thing in there like a hand warmer and there fine

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