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    Starting Co2 and continuing liquid Co2 and AntiAlgae?

    Thanks a lot, MacZ and ruud! Exactly! I am trying something like Iwagumi scape! :) I attach pics of the initial view! But I am newbie, and I was changing things quite a bit (the lamp, the duration of lighting, etc.). Ok, So I should stop using EasyCarbon and Algexit and add Co2 (start with a...
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    Starting Co2 and continuing liquid Co2 and AntiAlgae?

    Could someone give me advise on my situation please. I have green and brown hair algae in my tank. The plant in the tank is a dwarf grass. I started using (so called) liquid Co2 about one month ago, and I started using AntiAlgae a ween ago (both - Easy Life [Easy Carbon and AlgaeExit])...
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    Light spectrum for plants (Dwarf grass)?

    Hi, I am enjoying the new programmable LED light for my 16 litres nano tank (Fluval Nano Led for plants)! But I am not sure how to set a good light color spectrum. I can control these light spectrum parameters: pink (red?), blue, cold white, pure white, warm write. Should I just have...
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    Active soil PLUS root tabs - good idea?

    Hi, I put an active soil in my bright new nano tank for shrimps (Dennerle "Scaper's soil"). It seems that my dwarf grass grows really really slow. Besides other means (increasing lights, etc.), I thought maybe to use clay balls fertilizer (JBL Kugeln). Should I? Is it worth? Won't it be...
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    How to avoid fish "stealing" shrimp food?

    As I understand it, shrimp can survive much on just eating algae, but still periodically it is useful to feed them. But how to feed dozen cherry shrimp in nano tank with 6 endlers as tankmates? I imagine endlers will "steal" shrimp food instantly, won't they? Or is this not a real problem...
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    Is this a disease or constipation, or something else? Endlers (Photos)

    Hi, I keep seeing this on my tiny endlers. One or two out of school of 6 have this. Can anyone tell if this is some worm, or just a constipation, or anything else? Other than that, ndlers seem healthy, they are active, and eat readily. Water parameters and temperature seem really fine (Cl 2...
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    What is this yellowish jelly-like stuff?

    The tank is set up a bit more than one month ago and is cycled. Yes, airline tubing hose is a really new addition. Does this has something to do with biofilm growing like crazy on the tubing? Thanks a lot!
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    What is this yellowish jelly-like stuff?

    Guys, does anyone know what is this yellowish jelly-like stuff? It took three days to reappear after a water change. And it seems to me that it grows faster since the last time I cleaned it off. It grows ONLY on silicone parts - hose and suction cups. Are aliens attacking my tank? :D But...
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    Are these plants dead? Eleocharis minima

    Thanks a lot, got it! :)
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    Are these plants dead? Eleocharis minima

    Hi everyone, I need your expertise please! I started this new planted nano tank exactly two weeks ago. I used in vitro Eleocharis minima grass. Today I see this (see pictures of Eleocharis minima). Most of grass got really pale. The only hope - I see one or two bright green stems of grass in...
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    Change all filter media to piece of sponge: good decision?

    Hi, can anyone answer a couple of practical questions. I use two internal filters in my two nano tanks: Tetra EasyCrystal 250 and Dennerle Nano Corner. 1. Tetra has for its filter medium a disposable cartridge with floss pads, activated carbon, bio-filter balls - all in one cartridge. It...
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    Started a new nano tank. Have questions

    So, this is the view after one week. Please, any insight on yellowish plants? Is it normal or am I loosing them? See pics. The state of tank: ammonia is gone. I am changing water when Nitrites/Nitrates raises a bit (up until today - every day). I keep light on for 6-7 hours, during the rest of...
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    Consequences of stopping using gas co2 vs. "liquid co2"

    Please, tell me if I understand it right. I was discouraged from trying to use co2 gas system, when I read that if you stop using it, your plants are just gone and never recover. So I settled for a low-tech plant tank. Then I read about "liquid co2", which has a much more gentle impact on the...
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