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    My aquarium plants

    I alread use Seachem flourish fertilizer. I mainly want to know I should scrub the algae off of it.
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    Poll : Guppies are hardy, yes or no ?

    Yes but they used to be more hardy. Most Guppies nowadays are very inbred making them less hardy.
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    What type of fish/invertebrate that isn't normally or can't kept in aquariums would you love to have?

    I personally would love to have a sea slug. I love how colorful and cool they look. Unfortunately they are expensive, hard to find and are almost impossible to keep alive. Some of them even poison your water and it's hard to tell the poisonous ones from the normal ones.
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    Bully guppy

    Water parameters are fine and so is the size. I kept a Guppy with no other guppies and only neon tetras for a while so I decided to get a second one. More will come soon. The old one is bullying the new one really bad. Is it because he's not used to Guppies, or is he just a crazy fish? Is there...
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    20 Gallon Tank 20 Gallon Stocking

    Yes but... be careful with that Betta
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    Neon tetras and guppies

    1. They are all males and I plan to get more males 2. Here's a picture. Sorry for quality. I'm taking the picture from my Chromebook camera because I don't know where my phone is Yes it has been cycled. I don't know the nitrates currently but they are always low because I have a few plants I...
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    My aquarium plants

    The base is turning brown but the rest is just turning light green
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    Neon tetras and guppies

    I have a 10g tall with 1 guppy and 3 neon tetras. How many more fish can I add? I am thinking about 1 more guppy and 3 more tetras. The aquarium is 16" tall and 12" wide and 12" long
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    My aquarium plants

    Relatively new to keeping plants. They aren't looking as vibrant as they used to and they are covered in moss. Any recommendations?
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    Sea slugs?

    I have always loved Sea Slugs, especially the colorful ones but I want to find out if I should put one in my aquarium or admire them from a distance. Are they okay for someone who is new to saltwater tanks? If so what type would you recommend? Do they poison the water? Are they expensive or hard...
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    I love Goldfish but I have a few questions about them

    Orandas have a growth on the top of their head called "wen" and sometimes it grows too big and covers their eyes making it so you have to cut it off. For that reason I am avoiding those ones. Are there any other types of Goldfish that will have that issue? Are fancy type Goldfish considered...
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    10 Gallon Tank Anubias Nana

    Just bought it and it looks kinda messed up and it even looks like the rhizome might be cut off. Im new to plants so I dont know if the plant looks good.
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    I dont know if I'm over populating my tank

    Sure they "can" be great community fish under specific circumstances but you have to keep in mind that this person just started, and it is only 10g.
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    I dont know if I'm over populating my tank

    Not super crowded but bettas should only be with other fish under very specific circumstances because they kill everything. It is better to have more neon Tetras because they like to school but they will do okay with only 3. It would probably be good if you added just a couple more neons but...
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    Hang on back filter

    okay, thanks
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