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    Keeping bluegill in a aquarium

    you have to feed them mostly live foods. they make a mess and they will always be wild. the darker the tank is, the better. bright lights will tweak them out. if you cover 3 sides of the tank they seem to dart less. you will be way better off if you keep the tank somewhere there is very little...
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    New Journey - 75 gl Mbuna tank

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    What kind of Algae

    did you have this algae before the plants were added or did they hitchhike they're way in?
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    Question Anyone have experience using Sodium Bisulfate?

    there are three recommendation I would give for lowering ph, there's more but I doubt you want r.o. there's co2 of course, then peat and or wood. can I ask why you'd want to lower your ph?
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    Cichlid stocking

    I hope you like large water changes. I have a similarly stocked 75. I change 35 gals twice a week to keep my nitrates less than ten
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    Cleaning Planted Tanks

    i'll loosen up whatever is laying on the bottom with my tongs first. having my 55 set up for six years I can tell you that the plants can't take care of the rest. you need to clean the substrate atleast every two weeks if you want the bottom clean. I just use a 5/8 hose as my vac
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    Power outage

    it never hurts to have a generator
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    What sort of algae is this on my riccia

    does it smell? cyno has a distinct smell
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    plants that you really want to have

    yeah I have about 50 more but I dnt like typing that much. just a little list for people tired of common swords species, jungle vals and the most commonly found plants
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    plants that you really want to have

    rotala sp. Ceylon r. rotundifolia eleocharis vivipara e. acicularis blyxa novoguineensis glossostigme elatinoides riccia fluitans ludwigia arcuata hygrophila polysperma hygophila pinnatifida bolbitis heudelotii anubias barteri var nana petite anubias barteri yellow heart echinodorus...
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    More Problems... ;(

    not everybody is a fish person, just like some people aren't dog or cat people. everyone who goes in my basement to look at all of my tanks thinks i'm kinda weird. hey its whatever makes you happy. i'd give the nipper some time to see if he calms down. hopefully he/she will
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    55 Gallon Tank My 55 Gallon Short Fatboy Tank

    it says 58 us gallons. did I do it wrong?
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    Help Please take my wallet away from me...

    no way!!! keep your wallet, you're doing the right thing
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    So uh... about that DIY C02 set up...

    i'll take two cases
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    If you ever visit Portland Oregon

    it makes me sick how the government thinks they can regulate everything we do.

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